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"What can I help you with, Mommy?" - Ethan

"I'm so glad you and Daddy got married for me!" - Rachel

"I wub you, Mama." - Kara

"Sometimes I just don't know how you be married AND be a Mommy. My head would spin off." -Ethan

"I love that Efan is my brover." -Rachel

"see my bewy button?! I wanna see you's" -Kara

S: "Ethan, did you finish all your dinner?"
E: "No... it was so delicious, I want to take a longer time eating it." - great. he's learned the art of lying with flattery.

S: "Pick up your undies and put them in the hamper - don't leave them on the floor.."
R: "Well, usually when I leave them there, the secret cleaner picks them up!" - should I tell her its me?

S: "did you go poo poo, Kara?"
K: "uhhh... No! Did you?"

"Mommy, when I wake up in the mornings, I smile cuz I'm so happy to be your daughter." -Rachel

"Do you like to wipe our bottoms?" - Rachel  {at least it means I must have a decent attitude about it!}

S: "Rachel, who's birthday is coming up?!""
R: "umm... God's?"
S: "No, not God's. Who's birthday is July 14th?"
R: "I fought it was God's?!"
S: "No, crazy girl... its yours!"
R: "but since God made me, isn't it His birfday too?!"

E: "Mommy! Do you wanna play wii with me and I can beat you?"
S: "No, not right now."
E: "okay... you can beat me then."

R: "Mommy, who taught you how to tie your shoes all by yourself?"
S: "Nana did, when I was little."
R: "Awww, man! Nana taught you all the best fings!"
S: "Yeah, she did... but I'm your Mommy, so I get to teach them to you now!"
R: "okay! and its okay if its not as great as Nana would do it." - gee, thanks.

E: "Mommy, you remind me a lot of Cinderella."
S: "Really? I don't think I look like her at all, but thanks!"
E: "No, you don't look like her at all... but you clean a lot just like her."
- I think I can use that one to my advantage someday....

R: "My ankle hurts."
S: "that's your wrist."
R: "oh. And this is my ankle?"
S: "nope. that's your elbow."
R: "I fought this was my elbow"
S: "No... that's your throat."
R: "oh great... looks like I need to learn about my body's parts!"

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Krista said...

When I laugh over these quotes and Nick asks me what I'm laughing about, I read them to him and he says "Who said that? The Arnold kids?" LOL!

Stef said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks Nick :-)
We do the same thing with yours. We seriously LOL when we read the stuff they say.

Life with Kaishon said...

Kids are so funny! I know you really DO like to wipe bottoms! That has to rank up there on the 'favorite things list' for sure : )

Oh my word. How cute is that :)
God's birthday : )
Such a fun post! I am visiting today via your comment at Enjoying the Small things. I always like to say hi to a few commenters in front of me when I visit over there. I know any people that love her blog are people I want to meet and visit : )

Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration for your daughter.

Stef said...

well, thanks for stopping by! What a great idea. I really enjoy Kelle's site!

I think the best thing about having small kid's birthdays is, they typically forget the next day is their birthday and so you can throw a surprise party, while planning it right in front of them ;-)

Jenn said...

So cute!!! Loved it!

Jessica said...

LOVE! I read this to W & my parents on Friday & we all got a lot of laughs.

Jenn said...

So cute!!! Loved it!


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