I give up!

I've done my absolute best trying to keep my kids healthy, but to no avail. We are sick again. We as in, the kids. Jason and I have stayed healthy {so far} through this one. Its just a bad cough. Deep in your chest, yucky sounding cough. No runny noses, no fevers {Kara had a slight fever last week}, no acting terribly sick, but I've been told its not allergies. Rachel got it first, but was completely over it in about 48 hours.
Kara got it next and still is in the throws of it all. Ethan came down with it about 2 days ago.

Between feeding them very healthy food, making sure they get lots of pre and probiotics and keeping them on a pretty tight bedtime routine, I've officially decided its just a phase of life and maybe this is all happening to build up their immune systems? I don't know. Either way, I've decided to roll with it and just get over counting the sick days and chalk it up to a phase of life. I remember when Ethan was between the ages of 12 months and 2 years - felt like he was sick ALL the time. I remember thinking there was clearly something I was doing wrong. Looking back, I'm sure he would've been a ton healthier if I had nursed him longer than 2 months, but I also notice Kara going through a similar phase and I nursed her almost a full year. Now Ethan and Rachel rarely get sick and when they do, they get over it within a few days. But poor Kara seems to get hit the hardest, taking her sometimes 2-4 weeks to get over a cold! :(

Just venting. 
I know mostly Mommies read this blog and I know you'll all have sympathy and good advice :) 

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Charlotte said...

I totally hear you, Stef. It seems like we will have one year where someone is sick every month and then the next year we all only get sick once in the whole season. When my oldest was a baby I was more of a germ-a-phobe, but then did some reading about germs being resistant to hand sanitizer and how is it good for our immune systems to get sick every now and then.

And I remembered that I was sick a lot as a child. I had bad ear infections and would get the stomach flu at least once a year. But now as an adult, I get very mild colds and only get bogged down with the flu maybe once every three or four years. Maybe that is because I was sick a lot as a child?? So we only use hand sanitizer at very public, dirty places, and I don't try to shelter my kids from getting colds.

But that doesn't make it any easier when they are sick and when it travels through every single member of your family....slowly. I am sorry you have to deal with this and you are right, it is a phase in life. :-)

Jessica said...

Oh man! Well, I think this Winter I am the one getting everyone sick. Perhaps because of the pregnancy and because I work in the hospital?? I seem to be sick every other week and then I notice my boys with the runny noses and coughing. I am feeling blessed that Sam only got sick once earlier this year and the boys seem to be skating by relatively easy.
I will add your little ones to my prayer list this week!

Stef said...

thanks ladies :)

Charlotte, I did away with sanitizer for the same reason! I keep one in the car, so I can put some on after I pump gas or something, but for the most part, I don't sanitize them much at all. Too many articles that said it actually kills off GOOD bacteria.

Jess, I hope for your sake that you get well soon and stay well. I hate being sick while pregnant. There's next to nothing you can take for it and the exhaustion added with pregnancy tiredness is too much to handle!

Volkov Family said...

Frustrating! Sounds like you are doing your best.
I know probiotics, but what are prebiotics? And what probiotics do you use-food sources or capsules?
Hope they heal quickly.

Stef said...

Rebecca, this link will explain prebiotics much better than I would :) http://nutrition.about.com/od/therapeuticnutrition1/p/pro_prebiotics.htm

We eat probiotics in our raw milk, our greek yogurt (and every so often, the homemade yogurt I make from the raw milk) and then Ethan takes a vitamin called BioGuard every day - to help strengthen his immune system and it also has probiotics in it.
I know I'm missing stuff.... my brain is fuzzy since its midnight :)
If I think of more, I'll email you!

Jen said...

I read this yesterday but I just had to comment because I feel like I could have written this post!!!! I hear you sister. I will be praying for your strength through this time is sickness.


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