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We ventured to Monterey this week!!
Our family loves Monterey {might be an understatement} and what's better is, my in-laws love it too! So while we're here, we're spending time with my parents the 1st half of the week and Jason's parents for the 2nd half. Which means WE get a full week here! 

Before actually going to Monterey, we stopped in the Santa Cruz area to meet up with a bunch of girls I grew up with and have stayed in contact with throughout the years. 
All of us have blogs and so for the most part, we've kept up with each other through our "blog lives" and I have to say, it was pretty cool seeing them and their kids in person :) 

Together we have 15 kids, under the age of 7 and it was pretty neat seeing them all together, in one place.

Rachel told me her favorite thing to do is to run on the sand and look at the ocean. 
She told me, "I could do it all day, Mommy." 

started off mostly dry, enjoying the beach. 
and moments later....... 

... this happened :) 

Elena got a big kick out of watching Ethan dance in the water. 
You'll have to excuse him, Elena... he's from Washington :) 

Kara clung to Jason pretty tightly. I made the dumb mistake of telling her
"this is the ocean! Where all the sharks live!" - yeah. Really dumb Mommy moment. 

she eventually did let Jason put her down... but he wasn't allowed to go far. 

friends since 2nd & 3rd grade: 
Krista, Stef, Erin, Nicola and Julie 

me with my friend's sister-in-law, Stephanie 
We laughed about how we've gotten to know each other mainly over the Internet. 
There are some things we can be thankful for, when it comes to the Internets and for me, 
friendship rates among the top :) 

I was amazed at how well our kids sat on this log so we could take their picture! 
I'm gonna do my best with their names: 
Emma, Kara, Irena {on Kara's lap}, Leo, Jack, Elena, Gillian, Peyton, Moira, Cora, Elijah, 
Ethan and Rachel - we were missing Audrey and Kendall {with their Mommies}.

In Monterey 

I've wanted to take a picture of this wall since I was a little girl and so tonight, I did. 
Someone painted these on this wall and I've always thought it was SO neat. 

pizza at our favorite spot. 
seriously. such fun memories here, back from when I was about 6 years old.
I'm sure they go back before then, I just don't remember. 

We ended the day heading to our friend Brian and Shanna Denton's home in Carmel. 
We'll be staying with them all week and getting to enjoy their company and seeing our kids play together, which is fun, since Brian and I grew up together and have memories playing at the same ages as our kids! Okay, now I feel old. 

Looking forward to the rest of the week and the fun it holds. Making memories should always be this wonderful. 

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