our new neighborhood

There's a reason the title to this post doesn't say "our new house" - because Jason said it would be creepy to sit outside the new place, before living there, and take pictures of it :)
So the kids and I went by the other day and took all sorts of pictures of the land surrounding the new place. In a couple weeks I'll post actual pictures of the front and back of the actual house.
Also, I don't want to get too specific about where we're moving, so I'm just going to say, its not too terribly far from the house we're in now. I'd say 10-15 minutes, judging by how many traffic lights you hit on the way. It is closer to our church, closer to Seattle and closer to several friends from church.
There you have it. Enjoy.

this horse's name is LadyBug. Isnt' she beautiful? 

 there's not a whole lot to show, other than land and some animals. 
Our new neighbor said his cow is due to have a calf in November and she'll let 
me know {if its a good hour} so the kids can come over and watch! 
We're incredibly excited about the move and super eager to get into our new home. 
My sister gets married in a couple weeks and we get the keys and start moving directly 
after her wedding. August is going to fly by, but I'm glad. Been waiting a while for this. 

9 {comments}:

Erin said...

Wow! Exciting, Stef!! Gorgeous land. And, super excited for Emily, also!

HeyNowHannah said...

It looks beautiful.

Nicola S. said...

Oh Stef, it looks so beautiful. Love the picture of the three kiddos! Too cute! Congrats from us to Emily!

Sarah Moulton said...

beautiful Stef! Looks like the kids will have a blast living there!

Volkov Family said...

Looks fabulous!!

Melissa Joy said...

Super fun stuff! Love it!
I will be praying for you throughout this crazy month. (((hugs)))

Stef said...

thank you!!

Jessica said...

Sooooo jealous!!!! :) What an amazing place to be able to run around, explore & grow up in! Those three kiddos sure are getting top childhood treatment!!

Gina said...

Getting the chance to see a calf born--awesome! I hope you guys get to see it. :-) The horse is wonderful & the area is fantastic! This move holds some great potential! :-)


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