What I'm thinking: Found out tonight that my friend's Mom is in her last stages of cancer and will very likely soon be going home to spend Eternity with Jesus. Its news that brings very, very mixed feelings. Total sadness and total happiness {for her}. 

She and her husband have been on my mind all night and I praise God for bringing them into our lives. 

What I'm/we're reading: Mom and Loving It, A Purpose Driven Life and my Bible. 

What I'm listening to: Jason and I just sat down to finish the LOTR movie we're on. After I do this survey my attention will be 100% on the film, no worries ;-) 

What we're learning: we went to the Flight Museum today and so we learned a lot about planes, WWI and WWII and tomorrow we'll be doing a science experiment where the kids learn more about gravity. 

What I'm watching: Oh, yeah... LOTR. 

What's cooking: Over the weekend I made chicken enchiladas with green sauce for the very first time! They turned out very yummy and I'm definitely keeping the recipe around. 

What I'm buying: I ordered one of those baby gender predictor tests off Amazon {for fun} should be arriving tomorrow. 

What I'm thankful for: for family... near and far. 

Weird thing I realized about myself this week: I have a sudden strange obsession with hershey kisses. 

What I'm praying: for our friend, for our baby, for our Pastors and for our nation. 

What I'm planning: to relax! We have had guests coming and going since September and though I LOVE our friends and family and am thankful they come to see us, its going to be nice being just the 5 of us for a bit :) 

What we did this last weekend: oh my goodness, this was a full, FUN weekend! 

Jason's parents arrived on Thursday morning and his sister and her husband drove up {surprising his parents} and arrived Thursday afternoon. On Friday his parents gifted us with an amazing night away to a gorgeous hotel in Seattle and the gift of two dinners out and a 2 day date away together. Fabulous time! 

We came home Saturday night and then Sunday was spent with them, church {seeing lots of baby dedications at church!} and then relaxing at home with the Grandparents. 
Today we took them to the Flight Museum and then said our good byes at the airport this evening :( 

What I'm looking forward to: Thursday is the kid's book club {I host it once a month} and I'm excited about the book we'll be reading and the craft we'll do. 

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Charlotte said...

I would love the enchilada recipe! I usually open a can of red enchilada sauce.....one of the few cans I do open to cook. I would love to see your green recipe.

And James and I are going through the extended version of LOTR. We just finished the Fellowship and are on to Two Towers....

Have a great week! :-)

Tara said...

love purpose driven life!


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