Christmas photo shoot {not going on the card}

 A couple weeks ago our friend and hairstylist {also an amazing photographer - seriously what can't she do?!} met us at a local tree farm and took our Christmas pictures.
Check out more of her work over at ProjectThursday.

 I love this one. When Candice uploaded this one to Facebook we got some hilarious captions for it. 
I mean, seriously hilarious. Miles' expression it what does it. 

    I ask you, when did these three get so big?!

 Poor Candice. We tend to take more crazy pictures than normal, smiling ones. 

    they were so excited to find a tree their size.

 if there was a movie about her I think it would be titled: 
The Girl With the Missing Teeth. 

    It makes me laugh that when I see this picture I'm mostly proud of that that all 4 kids have nice clothes on, with hair done and they're smiling. If this were a hashtag it would read: #smallvictories.

    tree hunting.

    This was our first time cutting a tree down!

    fun tree farm. awesome photographer. gorgeous weather. good memories. 

3 {comments}:

Nicola said...

Stef, those pictures are so sweet. I love it. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

W and J said...

Oh My Goodness!!!! these are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS GORGEOUS pictures, Stef!! Loved them all!!

Nini said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE these photos...all of them! So fun!


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