2 thumbs up for Blue Apron!

Oh my gosh, I'm back for a second blog post in one week! Don't get used to it.

We tried Blue Apron this week. I got a deal in the mail for 2 meals for free and so we jumped. It was fun! I enjoyed the box showing up the porch. We use Amazon Fresh delivery as well and I get the same giddy feeling when my groceries that I clicked on once to buy, show up at my front door. Its like there's a magical fairy out there and she helps me with my chores *twinkles*
We liked both meals we received, but especially loved the Roasted Pork with Apple, Walnut & Farro Salad.
It was SO tasty and seriously, the end result made me feel like a chef.
I'm not being sponsored by Blue Apron nor have I tried any other companies that compare, so this post is literally just about our experience. We liked it. I think, if you're the type of family to order out on busy nights (like we are) or tempted to grab a boxed pizza or boxed anything (gross), this is a much better alternative. Its far healthier, its cooked in your own home, and chances are, your family will join in. I'm not sure take out or grossed pre-made meals in a box can compare to that!
I make 98% of our meals here at home and from scratch. But seriously, we definitely have too many nights lately where we order out and that drives me nuts. Or we just stop and eat somewhere because, oops! the last few days have been nuts and dinner was never prepared. So, in our ever so humble opinion, Blue Apron can be a great option! Just in case anyone was interested.
We decided to try 2 meals every other week that would serve 4-6. So far they feed all 6 of us and of course a couple of them I can't eat, due to my crazy restrictions. Like, tomorrow we're having steak and I'm just gonna be sitting there drooling the whole time *eyeroll*

I will come back and post pics later tonight! Right now we're gonna go enjoy our Catfish Katsu & Yakiniku Sauce that was delivered yesterday *heart eyes* (seriously, we need emojis for the blog world.

See ya!

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