Ahhhhh, life

Not too terribly much to report here. We're enjoying settling back into the normal routine after vacation, hoping our "photo downloading gadget" on the computer gets fixed soon, so we can show you pictures of our vacation, and enjoying this beautiful time of year! Ethan is so enthralled with the colors on the trees, the rainbows after the rain and the leaves on our grass. He saw the rainbow in the sky today and said "Rachel, that is God saying "Efan... I will NEVER flood your house again!" " He was so happy when he saw it. He kept screaming out the car window "Thank you God! I see it! You promised me and now I see it!!" Those little moments always make me cry. I'm turning into my mom... I started to cry when I heard him saying that and then I'm waving my hands in front of my eyes. I guess that does something magical to my tears. :-\

Miss Rachel is getting so big. Its frightening. She's mostly walking all by herself now. She's loving the independence. If she's not comfortable in her surroundings, she will crawl/walk, but at home, she's walking all over the place. She talks up a storm these days. She'll walk up to me, slap my leg saying "Mama! Mama! Mama!" and when I say "yes, Rachel?" she begins rambling to me about who knows what. She definitely knows though. :)
Her little sinful nature is popping out more and more these days and it has hit me like a ton of bricks. You'd think I'd be ready for it, since she's our 2nd, but even still... it came out of no where and surprised me. She's started putting her eye brows down when she hears the word "no" and making these grunting sounds when she doesn't get her way. Its terrible because half the time she looks so darn cute; we have to go out of our way to keep straight faces and discipline her.

Ahhhh, parenting.

Wednesday we have no CBS since our hosting church will be decorating for a huge Halloween bash they're having (don't get me started) so
we're going to the Smith Family Farm pumpkin patch, with our CBS group.
Thursday we're meeting my friend Jennie David in Walnut Creek, for shopping and lunch. Jennie has been my friend for MANY years; played the piano at our wedding and now she's having her 1st little one in December. She has never met our kids, so she's looking forward to meeting them and I can't wait to see her big pregnant tummy!
Friday we're back to our Bible study at church and then our play date afterward! I think we're done with park days, since it looks like winter is here, so we'll be going to different friend's homes every Friday for crafts, lunch and holiday fun!

There you have it. Have an awesome week!

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Stef said...

oops! Thursday we're going to WC. Jennie... if you read this, don't panic. You have the right day. :)

laura said...

Ahhh...the sin nature of 16 month olds. ;-)
And Ethan sounds so cute!!
A halloween party at church? Ok, I won't get you started. ;-) We need to have coffee.

Glad you all are getting back to normal life.

Stef said...

Its not our church, thank goodness.
Yeah, makes me sick and that's all I'll say about it. But when we have coffee we can vent together. :)

The Kozaks said...

What a sweet little boy you have!!! What insight those little ones have. They have such a tenderness toward God. Isn't it a privilege to share our Lord with them?!

Stef said...

You know, Jenn... when I read your comment I had to stop and think "Interesting. I rarely think of Ethan as sweet." I need to be careful because I allow too much of the negative side of his personality overtake me. I end up dwelling on just that. Today he was being so sweet and helpful with Rachel - teaching her how to ride the bike outside, I had to stop, put my book down and go kiss him and tell him how much I love his kind and loving attitude towards her. Those moments might be rare, but we should be encouraging them!

jillyco said...

Wow...I can't believe it's been two years since you told me you were pregnant with Rachel! I remember it exactly...we were at church, and I came in the front door and you told me right then. I was so excited for you!

Stef said...

I know! 2 years has gone by way too fast.

I remember that day too! I think I sitting on the chairs by the front door... or you were? That was in December though. We waited to tell friends until I was past 10 weeks, to see what my cyst was going to do.
Someone asked me today how old she was and I couldn't believe "16 months" was coming out of my mouth.


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