I'm starting to realize (and yes, it took me a while) that any blog post that is controversial (in the least) gets quite a few readers bothered, agitated and even brings website lurkers out from the wood works to leave comments! Its amazing how many people are looking for a fight.

So... I had to post this title, just to see what happens. I imagine very little will since I'm sort of asking for it. :) And, in all honesty, this was just meant to be funny and nothing else.
Goes along the same lines as the saying "bad news travels quicker than good news." Its so true! Post something fun and random and you get maybe a couple comments. Post something controversial and half the world weighs in. I'm also realizing the word "controversy" is taking on new meaning. Apparently stating your opinion about something is grounds for everyone else to put you in your place. Even after you've (often times) been asked to give it in the first place! Amazing....

Have a good day!

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laura said...

I like opinionated people, especially when they agree with me. Honestly...I think that's how everyone is. They don't mind opinions as long as they don't disrupt the ones they already hold near and dear. :-)
The explosion of the internet all over the place has totally democratized the "information" available. And there are plenty of morons offering uneducated opinions. It does call in to question what makes one qualified to speak to an issue.
I personally think that being a mom, makes you qualified to talk about motherhood. What works and what doesn't, sharing stories, etc.
When I read a blog, it's for enjoyment or amusement, not for expert opinion. I know that internet "experts" and opinions are more a dime a dozen (er...thousand), and tend to take blog-ish opinions worth a grain of salt.

Stef said...

Thanks Laura. I agree with you; so much easier when the person agrees with me on everything. Life would be so boring that way though. AND, I think a lot of learning and growing in life is why God gives us people so different from us.

I'm with you on the Internet thing... who looks for expert opinions on here? We're all amateurs here. :)
I also like to try and stick with the attitude of "I can learn something from this person". Kind of like when you hear a sermon from a preacher that makes you struggle to stay away. Try to find that morsel God has for you. Otherwise, go to a different church and visit websites that don't bring out the ugly in you. ;)


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