I had great fun at the retreat this past weekend! I really enjoyed our guest speaker, Judy Achillies and appreciated her series of lessons she gave. I think all the women felt like it was just what they needed to hear. So wonderful how God works that way!

I had a great time getting to know the 2 girls that I drove down with, shared a room with and drove back with. We had too much fun and especially enjoyed stopping off in Capitola on the way down and eating at our favorite spot, Margaritaville. Its right on the water and just oh, so yummy food!
Saturday was a very fun filled day. We had our session of teaching in the morning, after breakfast and then several of us girls did the "ropes course" which was a total thrill. It took guts for all of us and we were quite proud of ourselves when we all made it through the course and NONE of us fell!! I'm afraid of heights and so for me, it was huge to conquer that fear. Huge.
After that we enjoyed going down the BIG slide. Its a water slide, with no water and SO much fun! We went down on burlap bags and it makes you go super fast that way. After that we played a couple games of soccer, baseball and volley ball, so you can imagine how sore we were on Sunday morning. :( Ouch.
Saturday night we played Bunco together - not a huge fan of the game, but enjoyed spending the time with all the ladies. We had several ladies come that are new to our church and it was the perfect opportunity to get to know them.
I have to be honest, my favorite part (aside from the teaching and prayer times) was holding all the cute babies that came. I can't get enough of them!
The grounds were absolutely beautiful, the food was amazing and as I said before, Judy's teaching was so very blessed by God.
Thanks for your prayers for safe travels. I believe we all got home safe as well.

Marine World was today! Loads of fun, good weather and loved seeing my kids enjoy themselves to their hearts content. Rachel enjoyed walking all over the park this time. She loves the freedom. :)
Thomas Town and the dolphins were the biggest hit. My parents and my niece Kate came along as well, so the whole day was a blast. I'm out of time here, so if you want pictures and more info, go to our family website - www.jastef.net

Have a good week!

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