Rachel has graduated from sleeping in a crib to a toddler bed! We brought her little bed in from the garage several nights ago and planned on getting her adjusted by just having it in her room, next to her crib for several weeks and then slowly transitioning her to it. She had different plans! The night we brought it in her room, it was a huge hit with her and Ethan. They were taking turns laying on it, putting all their blankets on it and talking about how pretty it was. I asked Rachel if she wanted to sleep on it and she said yes, so we gave it a try (thinking it would never fly).
She has done great in her bed! I'm still in shock. She climbed out of bed 3 times on the first night, came walking out to the kitchen (right to Jason and me) and had this sheepish smile on her face, like she thought it was all a game. We had to tell her only 2 times "stay in bed, Rachel... its time to go nite-nite" and it worked! She's done great for her naps during the day and tonight, never got out of bed after we laid her down! I'm happy and sad all at the same time. I didn't think she'd be in a bed this soon. I'm afraid she's in a hurry to be as big as her brother. :(
Anyway, its news of the week here in our house. We're all so proud of her. I took some pictures so I'll post them soon.

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Gina said...

Keeping up with the siblings *does* push those milestones to happen faster. Nikolas moved faster than Jozsef, but now Connor seems to be on lightening speed to keep up with the other two. It's always kind of exciting, but still rather bitter sweet. They grow *so* fast!

jillyco said...

Aw, what a big girl!! And that's a big milestone too!


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