Christmas fun

Last night we ventured to Downtown San Jose, to relive some fun childhood memories of mine. My family used to visit Christmas in the Park every December and I have such fond memories of it, we decided to bring our kids this year.
I have to say that some things that seemed so amazing when you're little... don't seem so amazing when you're an adult. :) Still, Ethan and Rachel had a blast! Being a Sunday night the place was crowded and the other bummer was that it seems to have turned into more of a money making thing, rather than just a fun family outing. Its free to get in and see the park, but now there's ATM machines everywhere, booths with food and toys, etc... Don't get me started on the pop music they play, in place of the original Christmas music.
We took lots of pictures and I'll get some on here, just as soon as we down load them. :)
Not sure if we'll continue doing this every year, but this year, it was fun. We ate dinner at Johnny Rockets (YUM) and had fun seeing Downtown San Jose all decorated.

Today I have officially finished my Christmas shopping and that makes me a little sad, so tomorrow I will start baking. The kids and I will be going to my Mom's to make all sorts of yummy Christmas treats.
Then I will start getting ready for Christmas day. We're going to be hosting Christmas dinner over at our place with Jason's side of the family, so I need to start preparing for that.
Have a wonderful week!

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jillyco said...

Sounds like you are having a fun Christmas week! I still have a couple of gifts to get, and LOTS of baking I'd still like to do! Time is going by too fast!


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