The Run Down... for no reason

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Hope you've all had an eventful week. Ours was a blast and... Jason still gets to be home until Wednesday, so the fun continues on! We went out to Sacramento (only an hour away!) on Friday and had dinner and did some shopping with our friends Abe and Jess Green and their little boy Chase. After spending some time with them we headed over to IKEA (our favorite place to shop!) and spent an hour there until closing. I could spend all day in that store.
We're going to be buying new bedroom furniture for our kids, so we're making the rounds and seeing where we want to buy it from. Looks like we're going with IKEA for most of it.

We met my parents and my niece and nephew for breakfast on Saturday morning. The kids enjoyed spending more time with their cousins Madison and Kyle. They live in LA and so we don't get to see them very often. Our friends from church invited us over to their house for the afternoon, so after breakfast we headed there. We had a blast playing all sorts of Wii games and the kids enjoyed playing together.
We've been having so much fun with our Wii. This thing is an absolute blast! Saturday night my sister Emily came over with her friend from Livermore and we played lots of bowling and boxing together.
Today we went to church and then our friend Joey turned 20, so we went to his house for a birthday celebration. Lots of fun and the kids always love being with the Pisahl gang.

Tomorrow our friends Abe, Jess and Chase (listed above) are coming over to ring in the New Year with us and then Cody Pisahl and his fiance Chanel are coming over New Year's Day to play some Wii and party with us all.
Wednesday will be back to Bible Studies, piano lessons and life in general.

Happy New Year to you all!

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