flushed away

Most of California has been hit with this huge storm and I hope it continues on a little longer. I'm enjoying the rain and hearing the wind and such. So cozy to be tucked away in the house with the fire going and candles lit.
As many of you know, our backyard is yet to be landscaped (starting day is in less than a month though!!) and so its also not leveled. There's just a huge lot full of clay like dirt and a retaining wall that we put in last summer. If you go to our back door and look outside, it looks like we've got one dirty lake forming out there. All the rain has really been flooding our yard. So much so, Jason said he might have to go to Home Depot and buy some sand bags to keep it from coming too close to our back door.
I have some funny quotes from Ethan upon seeing the yard (he goes and looks out the back door probably once an hour, making sure we're still safe, but pretending Rachel is the one who's worried and not him).

"Mommy? If the house floods can I get in the ark with you?"

"Daddy! Mommy! God is giving us a pool in our back yard RIGHT NOW!"

"Rachel, you need to sit on the floor because if we get up the house is gonna float away."

He is very concerned about the amount of rain and wind we're getting. At the entrance of our court, there is an elementary school that has just finished being built and had temporary gates around it. The gates blew over in the wind and the police were out there trying to deal with it and call people to come clean it up. I guess one of the gates flew right into our neighbors car and damaged it pretty badly. Anyway, Ethan saw the police and said "Oh, those guys are looking for Noah because they need to find the ark." :)

I'll post pics of the yard soon.

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