from the mouths of babes...

Ethan and Rachel are in the bathtub right now and Rachel is yelling that everything is "petty" to her. She's holding a Buzz Lightyear toy and saying "Oh.... petty!!!" Poor thing. We need to get more girly bath toys. :)
Ethan started asking her what colors on Buzz that she thought were pretty. She doesn't know her colors, so she's just sort of rambling on in her own little language. He wasn't satisfied with her answer, so the following is his response to her.

"Rachel. Colors come from the rainbow and the rainbow comes from God.
You won't know that until you're 2, okay? Some things you don't know until you're 2, Rachel.
Did you know how God got the rainbow to give colors? You tip it u-side down and then squeeze it. Like ketchup, Rachel. Remember Mommy shakes it and squeezes it? That's how God goes to the rainbow to make colors.
When you see Him do that you have to say "Oh, fank you, God!" and then He will say "You're welcome, Ethan."
God gives you ALL things, Rachel... just ask Him. You'll see."

I love how simple their minds work, but the glorious truths that come out of their mouths at these little ages (and before they even realize it!) is priceless...

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Gina said...

Too cute! I love Ethan's theory. :-) Simple truths from babes help to keep us going too. It's a great thing for a child's words to be able to touch our hearts so!

Krista said...

Ethan is such a crack-up. I wonder where he got the idea of a ketchup bottle? Very creative!

Stef said...

I know... sometimes I wonder where his mind takes him and how he thinks of these things. But, he is creative, as you said. I think he decided that the rainbow has colors and the way to get them on toys and such is by squeezing it... and he already knows that only God can do things like that! :)

Lettner Family said...

That is precious!


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