Rainy Mornings

We've been really enjoying this weather lately. Ethan has been fighting off what looks like the beginnings of a cold. I've been using all these home remedies to try and keep it from turning into a full fledged cold and so far... they're working!! He looks totally healthy today, so yay!
Anyway, this morning the kids got up at the same time and wanted to lay in our bed, so they cuddled in and I turned on cartoons. They both looked adorable all cuddled in with their blankets and sippy cups. I took some pictures, but I have to wait for Jase to come home tonight so I can use his laptop to upload them.

Today we're going to our friend Emma, Jack and Will's house. I almost don't want to go out in the rain, but the kids are so excited to go play with their friends and I could use some adult time. :)

Happy Thursday!

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