February 6, 2005

From the day I find out I'm pregnant, I start keeping a journal for our kids until they're born and the journal continues until I decide to stop writing in it. :) I'm not sure if I'll go as far as 18, but for now, that's the plan.
This is the journal entry I wrote for Ethan shortly after he was born.

You're here!!!!! Do you know how long I've been wanting to write that?! You were born ON my 25th birthday -- February 6th, 2005 @ 9:55 pm -- 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches long
You have short black hair and so far your eyes look mostly blue, with some brown. You are absolutely beautiful. We couldn't have prayed for a more beautiful or wonderful son. You've already filled our lives with so much joy and you're not even 48 hours old! :)

Oh, this might seem funny to read, but your name is Ethan Darrel. Your middle name is your Dad's middle name and also his Grandpa's first name. Grandpa Darrel didn't live long enough for Dad or me to know him, but from what we read and hear, he was a wonderful man; a man of integrity and honor and a man who loved his wife and children very much. We know it will mean a lot to Grandpa Arnold for you to have his Dad's name. And we hope you like it too. Your first name is from the Bible -- Psalm 89 is one of my favorites and was written by Ethan the Ezrahite. Your name means firm and strong, which we thought was fitting for our firstborn.

I hear a lot of women talk about postpartum depression, but I confess, I just cannot relate. I have so much joy welling in my heart and so much delight when I see your sweet face, smell your baby smells and hear your soft coos.
When the nurse came in to check you today, she said "he'll be a good soccer player!" I asked her if you're healthy and she came back with "I'm trying to find something wrong with this boy, but he's perfect!" Made my day. :)

I love you, sweet Ethan. I look forward to the days, months, years and hopefully decades the Lord gives us with you. You may never know the love a parent has for their child until you hold your own. I hope to be there the day you hold your first child in your arms and watch you experience the joy your Daddy and I have felt.

Love you to the ends of the earth... Mom

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The Kozaks said...

I didn't know it was Ethan's birthday too! How special! Happy Birthday Ethan!

Stef said...

Yep! When I got pregnant with him, my due date was January 30th and both my Mom and Mother-in-Law said "He'll be born on your birthday." I thought they were nuts and refused to even think it. :)
I went into labor on the 4th and we all thought they were going to be wrong, by 2 days!

He actually came close to missing my birthday. After pushing close to 4 hours, he was born just before 10pm.

jillyco said...

That is so sweet! And what a neat thing for him to have when he's older!

Gina said...

Love the journal idea--you still journal for both? Very special momento for the kids!

The Abe Green Family said...

That is so nice. Wish I had done that. Maybe with the next one.

Stef said...

I do! When they're babies I write at least once a week and sometimes once a day, until they're a few months old. Then from about 3 months on I do once a week and now I do about once a month, like I do online when they turn a month older.
Its been fun and its not hard at all! I've heard some moms act like they would if they had "time"... c'mon. It takes all of five minutes!

Anyway, its been fun for us and I hope the kids enjoy it someday.

Jenney said...

Happy Birthday Stef. I'm a day late (and a dollar short, fwiw) but it sounds like a lovely day.

Our first baby was born on Tom's birthday and we laugh about how he's had a pink birthday cake for 12 years now.

Stef said...

thanks Jenney! Yes, I had many people say they felt sorry for me, for having to share my birthday with Ethan... but I've loved it. I got 25 years of fun - he can have the rest. :)


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