Today we're venturing off to the Sacramento IKEA store to buy the kids their new bedroom furniture and then a couple pieces of furniture for the main part of the house. The kids are SO excited! Its pretty cute to see them all amped to go buy new stuff and set it up in their rooms.
We're buying them the extendable twin size beds, so they can grow with them. Our bedrooms in this house are not large rooms, so we're excited to be able to find furniture that won't take up so much space.
I'll post pictures on Monday, after its all built and set up. Ethan also keeps asking me to take pictures of him with his new Little Tykes work bench, so I'll get that one up here too. :)

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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The Abe Green Family said...

Pictures please! :)

Stef said...

I will take some as soon as the new couch arrives and when I get the new family room curtains hung. :) The kid's bedrooms look very cute! I'm glad the beds turned out to be a great purchase.

We had lots of fun having dinner with you guys too!!


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