This is sort of a dumb post, because I'm literally just venting about something that drove me crazy yesterday. And, I know many of you lady readers will sympathize with me... big time.
As you know, I made cupcakes for Ethan and his friends and then a double layered basic chocolate cake, with buttercream frosting for my birthday.
I got this "basic" cake recipe out of my William's Sonoma cake cookbook. What a huge mistake!! Because I don't like to use the word "hate" too freely, I will say I strongly dislike their cookbooks. I don't care for the way they take something so simple and try and add 55 million (ridiculous) steps, getting you to the same result the cake recipe in my normal cookbook gets me to, only faster and the simple cookbook recipe tasted way better!
So sad... 3 hours of my day I can never get back.

BTW - the picture I posted is NOT a picture of the cake I made.

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The Kozaks said...

I was going to ask..wow what a beautiful cake you made! By the way I hear you on the recipe thing. I like it simple and easy...but tasting great!

laura said...

Girl! I have had the same problem but YOU MUST try the chocolate and yellow cake recipe from the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook. They're AMAZING and absurdly easy. I'll try to post them to my silly food blog this week. I found them after many tragic and complicated attempts at more "gourmet" recipes. These two are perfect, consistent and fool-proof.

Stef said...

Jenn... I knew I had to put that little post about the cake at the bottom. Doesn't it look yummy?! I'd like to try and make that one next.

jillyco said...

Yeah, I don't like cookbooks with complex recipes either. I call it "cookbook snobbery." Give me EASY! :o)

Hope you enjoyed the cake, despite the time it took you to make it.

Erin said...

Ah! I hope the cake was still tasty!
Don't think 3 hours wasted. Think, 3 hours whittling down recipes, to find your favorite chocolate cake!

Stef said...

Sorry, I should have started this post with "I did not like the cake when it was done." :) We had mixed reviews... some people thought it was yummy and some hated it. I think the frosting was terrible. Very thin and you could taste the butter!
Not good... that's more why I look at it as 3 hours waisted. :)


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