Another quote from the girl :)

Tonight the kids were playing cars together. Ethan tends to get very particular about where the cars go and how they are driven. Rachel also has her own ideas and also doesn't like him to tell her what to do anymore. She used to do everything he told her do and she'd say all the stuff he told her to say; his own private puppet. :) He also used to enjoy taking the best toys and leaving the cruddy ones for her to play with... with her not caring at all.

Lately, she cares... and tonight, I thought it came out in kind of a cute way. :)

"No E-E! I wanna do it. By ALL myself!"

2 {comments}:

jillyco said...

Aw, that's cute!

Stef said...

cracks me up how she yells the word "ALL"


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