How are we doing?

Some of you have been so kind to send emails and call, asking how we're doing. I'm really impressed... I rarely get on the phone to ask how someone is doing. So, we feel loved and special; thank you!

The kids are fine. They got over the virus within a week and have bounced back to life at a rapid pace. I, however, have been very sick. I think its mostly because I can't really stop functioning. I still have to get up bright and early and keep up with these two. Jason doesn't get home until 7pm or later, so I tend to fall apart on the weekends, when I know I have his full time help. :)
Saturday I woke up feeling stuffed up, but not horribly so, so I took a Suddafed and Rachel and I headed off to San Jose for my friend Jessi's baby shower. I really didn't want to miss this shower - we've been friends since I was about 4 years old and this is her first baby! Although I had a blast being there, I really think it did me in. I got home, fell into bed and stayed there until late Sunday night. Sunday morning I had the yucky sinus head ache, mixed in with a horrible sore throat.
Today I'm feeling 10 times better, but sound 10 times worse. Weird how that happens. :)
Anyway... I had this same virus during my 1st trimester with Rachel, so this feels a bit like de-ja-vu.

Anyway... that's our "news". Nothing exciting. We finally went to our new JC Penny's and its a beautiful store. Thankfully I don't like to shop or Jason would be broke right now. Ethan calls it "the fancy store".
I'm going to try (try) and resume going to our weekly Bible studies and park dates this week. Tomorrow we may venture out to Pixi Land for a date with our friends! It will all depend on how I'm feeling though... and unfortunately, still no camera. :(

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