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Today was a very big and exciting day for us... we got to see our baby for the first time!! We brought both kids with us and the anticipation on their faces was pretty cute to watch. Ethan acted very comfortable in the room and seemed to know exactly what was going on, but Rachel... she wasn't so sure and I think she worried Mommy was being picked on.

--Oh, just to clear up any confusion... I am 13 weeks pregnant and no, this was not the ultra sound to find out the gender of the baby. That one happens on May 13th.--

The ultra sound was amazing and hearing that little (but fast!) heart beat... so awesome! Its funny, I do admit I kind of thought this would eventually become "old hat" or just very familiar with every child we had, but every time God amazes me with how incredibly wonderful it all is. And, how new it all feels! I think Jason and I would both agree that the blessing seems even more wonderful each time, because as our kids get older, we get to see how amazing being parents is. So as we looked at this little one on that monitor, the joy we know we're going to experience is just... indescribable.

We got to see the baby moving around a bit, which was SO cool! Near the end of my appointment the Dr. was measuring my tummy and felt the baby's movement quite strongly. Her response was "Good luck with this one, Mom!" Wink We also found out we're just having ONE baby, which to Jason's surprise, he felt just as relieved as I did. There's nothing wrong with twins, but for us at this point in our lives, it would have been a lot to handle.

Ethan is starting to flip-flop on what he thinks Mommy is having. Tonight he informed me that he's having a brother and "he will like legos and trucks." The Doctor said everything looks amazing. She was shocked when she added my calculations (last cycle and such) and then came up with the due date of October 2nd, which also matched my guess. Here's the the funny part... its apparently very odd for them to put the baby's measurements in the computer and have the computer come up with the exact same due date, but ours did! She said its often 2-3 days off. So, she said the official due date is October 2nd, no question about that. Though our dear friend Nancy Lawrence (at church) asked me to please "hold it in until the 3rd" which is her birthday. I'll do my best.Smile

We cannot express how thankful to God we are for blessing this pregnancy so far and for this little bit of wonderful He's creating inside of me. As I told the Dr. today, we would not consider a baby with health issues to be any less of a blessing (at all) but its such a joy to know that things look well and to hear our little one looks "awesome in there!"

Thank you for your prayers<3

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jillyco said...

Glad it went well and that God is blessing you with another apparently healthy little one! October is a good time to have a baby! And hey, Tim's is the 1st and Austin's is the 3rd!

And I marveled all of the times I had ultrasounds...with all four kids! It's an amazing thing, how God creates life in our sinful bodies.

Stef said...

October 3rd is quite the popular day! Jason's cousin's birthday, Nancy, Austin, Kathryn and my friend Heather had her little boy Will on that day. Crazy!

jillyco said...

I didn't know Will's birthday was that day too! Wow...busy birth-day! :o)

Stef said...

Oh, probably a different Will than the one you know. Do you my friend Heather Jerrolds? Her son Will was born last year on the 3rd. About 8 hours before Austin.
But I don't think you know her. :)


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