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Thought this was a fun post to read on my friend's site, so I'm weighing in also... beware, mine are not super fun to read. I'm also blessed to have a very easy going family when it comes to eating. They love casseroles, meat dishes, soup and sandwiches and salads. Rarely complaining and never really have an opinion. I know off hand, if I call Jason and say "what sounds good for dinner?" he'll say "burritos!" Sometimes it bugs me because I always know I can do away with the super nice dinner and serve grilled cheese and they'd be totally fine with it. But, maybe if I did that every night they would start to complain... :)

1. do you plan your week's (or month's) menu ahead of time so you know what special ingredients to keep on hand?

I do this with all canned, frozen or food packaged in a way where it won't spoil within a month's time. We tend to eat more all natural (organic) so I typically shop for 1-2 weeks and not usually over that. We buy our dairy products (except butter) about once a week.

2. or do you simply decide menus day by day, depending on what you find already on hand?

I think I did this more when we were first married. I rarely do this now. I don't make meal menus for each night, so every day is a surprise. But I already know which ingredients will work for which meals. For instance... I will not write out what we'll eat on Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday and so on... there's no excitement for me in that. I will pick 4-10 meals (because we do eat left overs on the other nights) and I buy ingredients for those meals and then each day, I go and decide which meal it will be; sometimes making up one and using ingredients I have on hand.

3. or do you end up running to the store for a handful of things on a frequent basis when you find recipes with cool ingredients?

I do this very, very rarely. Being pregnant and very forgetful, I am realizing lately that there's usually ONE thing I forgot at the store and so the kids and I end up running around just before I make dinner, to grab that one thing... and then its our excuse to grab ice cream as well. :)

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Melissa Cummings said...

Honestly, this sounds like me. :) And like my easy-going husband! I thank God for him in so many ways. Not the least of which is the fact that he always thinks my meals are amazing, from grilled cheese & Campbell's tomato soup (my favorite during my 1st trimester) to a gourmet & took-3-hours-to-prepare feast.
I do like the creativity and challenge of not having a weekly meal plan already set up, and simply having a plethora of ingredients (usually whatever was on sale that week) on hand.
Although sometimes when I am feeling particularly uncreative or tired, I do wish someone would just tell me what to cook!! ;)


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