New Addiction

I was online ordering my nursing cover tonight and found a website that I absolutely fell in love with! I love the name too -- Tutus and Turtles -- how cute is that?! The hair clips and beanie toys are so precious too. Some of the toys reminded me of little projects my friend Erin created for her baby Peyton. So, I decided she could totally start an online store and sell them... in all her spare time.

I admit we're going to be a bit more green - granola - all natural - what have you - with this child. Poor thing. We're just fed up with all the recalled bottles, pacifiers, toys, etc... There was a day when I would have said this would be over doing it, but this stuff is getting just plain dangerous. We promise we won't be freakishly all natural, but we're going to make more of an effort from here on out. We were way more "all natural" with Rachel and we've noticed only good things come from it.

I was noticing you can get organic fabrics on the nursing covers, but to me, that seemed a bit over the edge. Unless we're going to dress our kids in all organic fabrics and use organic blankets and bedsheets, what's the point?

Anyway, just wanted to share my new find with you all.

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laura said...

I don't buy organic fabrics usually - except I did for Jenna's crib sheets (which, haha, we don't even use). I think it's more important for the babies and the older the kids get, the more okay it is to be less strict.
Good for you guys though! It's a hard transition at first, but from one granola mommy to another - I think you'll be pleased with the results. The only downside is the cost - organic everything is more expensive, it seems.

Stef said...

Yeah, we've noticed that since getting married. We've tried eating (not necessarily organic) but definitely healthier and you do pay for it. But its worth it.
With our babies, we're just trying to be more "organic" with the products we use.

Erin said...

Ah, Stef - thanks for the encouraging word. Sweet!
Those little Owl Beanies are pretty cute!


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