Slacker... but does this novel make up for it?

I am shamelessly overdue for a blog post. So sorry... I've been very sick (morning sickness) the past several weeks (since January really) and so we haven't done too terribly much.

Jason and I did get away for 3 days this past week/end. We had a wonderful time in Monterey! We got to sleep in, eat out 3 meals a day (and more in between for me!) we went to see TWO movies --both were very good-- and went on the 17 mile drive. I haven't been on that drive since I was probably 10 and Jason even longer. We thoroughly enjoyed it; stopped at a lookout point and Jase read to me from our book. We had fun listening to the waves crashing and all the seagulls chirping... or making whatever noise they make. :)
We tried a new restaurant called Lattitudes and it was excellent. We went for drinks and dessert one night after dinner and the view is amazing. Its right on the ocean front, so no matter where you sit, you get an ocean front view! Very cool.

We got home Saturday just in time for some sort of terrible sickness to hit me at full force. It all started with what felt like a migraine head ache and continued on into Sunday with a fever, chills, dizzy spells, not able to keep food down, etc...
I finally caved in and called Kaiser to see if I needed to be seen. Normally I wouldn't worry, but being pregnant, I worry way too much. After hearing all my symptoms the nurse concluded that she thought I was suffering from an inner ear infection. She said the pain can often be felt in other places than the ear, depending on how deep in the canal it is.
So I spent Sunday (all day) in bed. I tried getting up a few times and between feeling dizzy and like I was going to pass out and then the pounding head ache, Jason and Emily told me to get in bed and stay in bed or else. :) I owe them so much thanks! Those two kept this house running and the kids very happy. My family is amazing.
I woke up this morning feeling like my normal self, but with a very foggy feeling left ear. I can't hear much out of it, but thankfully haven't felt much pain. The nurse gave me some home remedies to try and she said if those don't work, they can give me some meds when we go in for the ultra sound.

The kids and I enjoyed the nice weather today. We ran some errands earlier, washed and vacuumed the car, played for 2 hours outside and ran their little hearts out. They're both napping and I've been able to do a couple "around the house" projects that have badly needed to get done.

One of them was to organize and clean the play room. A friend of mine gave me some helpful tips on how to keep the toys from taking over the house. I took all the toys, categorized them and bought Rubbermaid bins at Target, labeled the bins and then put each category into them. The bins are all going to go in the garage, against the wall... when we have play time, we'll pull out whichever bin we want and play with those toys. Before getting more out, we put the 1st bin away. If that confused you, I'm sorry... it makes sense when you see it. I started this project 2 weeks ago and finally finished the last bin today! So in the play room we have the took bench, train table, doll house and books. Everything else is in the garage. Its already teaching the kids how to play with more structure and self control and really helping them learn how to clean up one thing before getting another one out.

I hope this post wasn't too boring. I honestly have nothing else to write about.
Life has been good, despite the morning sickness, which will pass in time. We thankfully bypassed that horrible flu virus that had infected the state of California and both kids are doing well. Jason's work schedule has calmed down and allowed for some very nice family time and given him more time to relax, hang out with his buddies from church, take the kids on "Daddy and me" dates, and remember what life is all about. :) With each child God gives us, we learn more and more about what's important, what's really "worth it" and what works best for US and not everyone else. I imagine life will slow down even more when this little one is born and I'm very much looking forward to it!

I (still) need to take pictures of the new furniture and curtains. I will get around to it soon Jess, I promise! I know you've been waiting. :) Have a good week everyone!

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Lettner Family said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Ugh! Can't imagine. I can't imagine feeling terrible with two kids! Yuck! Good to see you back on here. Don't overdo it...relax and rest!

Stef said...

Thanks Nini. You know, I think that might be the hardest thing about being a mommy... getting sick but still having to "carry on" as they say. Thankfully I was really sick over the weekend, otherwise Jason would have had to stay home from work. I am reminding myself to rest a lot more than usual. Seems I need it more this time around. :)

The Abe Green Family said...

I am so glad that you guys had a nice weekend without the kiddos.

I love your idea about the playroom. That is great. It is so annoying when kids get every toy they own out all at once. Yuck!+

jillyco said...

Glad you are feeling better Stef! Hope you continue to heal.

Your toy idea is a good one. We've done that, only keeping the toys in smaller storage boxes in the kids' rooms. As they get older, the boxes are dwindling. But, I've kept many of their favorites; hopefully for our grandkids to use someday! :o)

laura said...

So glad you're feeling better! And glad you got your toy room organized (want to do my house next?) and that you got a little babymoon away with Jason. :-) What a blessing for you two!
Take it easy on yourself! You need to rest so you don't relapse!

Hope we can hang out one of these days!

Stef said...

Laura - check your facebook wall, I just wrote to you about that. Great minds think alike. Although last week my friend Jill said she thought I was a mind reader.... I might have that talent after all! :)

Gina said...

So glad you're feeling better. Being a sick mommy is really tough! Take heart, your morning sickness days are (or should be) closing soon--for most moms the 16 wk mark is the key (in the fog of it all, that's easy to forget!). :-) Very fortunate Jason was able to be home, I know that makes a world of difference. Taking off of work is no easy task--especially if you are saving days for the new baby! Great trip to Monterey--always a fabulous place to be! :-) Enjoy your new toy room--orgainization is good. :-)

The Jerrolds said...

I am sorry you got so sick, but I am glad you are feeling better. It's so nice to be able to get away and enjoy one another...

Stef said...

Heady, I've missed seeing you at CBS! Its terrible how out of the loop we've been.
Lets do B&B sometime soon or just get together and let the kiddos play.


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