Ethan explaining things to our neighbor

Our neighbor got a pet snake (I know, what an odd thing to do,right?) and he was showing Ethan the other day. He told Ethan what type of snake it was and then explained where those type typically come from.
Here was Ethan's reply...

"Actually, do you know what the snakes are? They're Satan." (he says Satan like its some creepy secret)
Our neighbor, quite confused says "That's their name?"
"No. The snake is Satan. He was in the garden and he did NOT obey God so... God took his legs away and said "You will be on the ground now and be ugly and you will NOT go to Heaven."
The neighbor says "Oh, you mean like the story in the Bible?!"
"No, its not a story. It really is what God said."
So he asks Ethan "So you don't like snakes because they're all Satan?"
"Uhhh, no. I like the pretty ones. Only the ugly ones are Satan."
The man politely smiles (probably thinking we're total freaks) and then he says to me "Well, I guess you won't be buying any ugly snakes!"
Ethan, still being extremely serious, looks at the man and says...
"If you disobey God, you only make Satan happy. And you do NOT want to make him happy."
"Because if you do, maybe you will be ugly like him and NOT go to Heaven."

As Jason commented, at least he's listening in Sunday School and when we talk to him! :)

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Gina said...

You have to be happy that Ethan's getting something out of Sunday school. :-) Of course, I like how he distinguishes between ugly & pretty snakes. :-) Yeah, the neighbor probably had a few thoughts on your family, but hey, who better to get a message across than a child? Sometimes thier words pierce hearts and minds in wonderful ways! :-)

Stef said...

Yes and oddly enough, he had never really heard the story of Adam, Eve and the Serpent! I was shocked. I told him the more accurate version and he was like "Yeah, I've caught on to bits and pieces in some movies, but never really heard the actual story."
Made me so sad... I would guess he's in his mid 30's too!

The Jerrolds Family said...

You have already a young evangelist! How pure, innocent, and so sweet!

jillyco said...

Haha!! This is GREAT! Love it!

Nathan wants to get a snake. Maybe I can have Ethan come talk some sense into him. :)

Jenn Kozak said...

Oh Stef...you really need to make a book out of what your kids say. I love reading them because it just makes my day!!!

Erin said...

Ethan just lays it out. That is so great! Good story. But, I guess as Ethan would say, it is not a story if it really happened, right?

Stef said...

Yes. He hates when people refer to stuff in the Bible as "stories". I think because we tell him things like "this really happened Ethan... many years ago."
He also refuses to acknowledge that Jesus died on the cross for him. He'll tell you that he might have died for everyone else, but not for him. He gets very upset and says he would never make Jesus die on the cross. :) Its pretty cute.


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