fun in the sprinklers

A couple weekends ago we had some warm weather here and took full advantage of it. :) 
The kids had a blast running through the sprinklers after their Sunday naps. I think it peeked at 90 degrees that day! 
The bottom picture is me at 13 weeks pregnant. Sorry its a bit old. We'll take more recent ones. 

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The Abe Green Family said...

You already have a baby bump!! Can't believe it :)

Stef said...

Oh yes... very much so! I've been showing that much since 9 weeks. :)
I'm much bigger now, we just haven't taken recent pictures. Hopefully soon. I haven't mastered the technique of taking them myself. :)

Dani said...

Awwww,your so pretty and glowy!

laura said...

I've been awful about commenting, but all these pictures are great. Rachel is so precious! And so is that little baby bump you're sporting. :)
Pictures of your little family make me smile. :)

Dani said...

Awwww,your so pretty and glowy!


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