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I'm not sure how many of you already know this, but Lowes has the most amazing website! I've been looking online for several "home improvement" jobs I'm going to be doing this summer and theirs is the best!
They have organizational tips (so up my ally) and lots of other stuff to help people out with any type of job you're doing. Some of our jobs are basic and some are going to be pretty in depth. They even teach you how to lay your own hardwood floor! I was quite impressed and wanted to share.

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Gina said...

Home improvemnent projects--ah yes! The never ending task of home ownership where a home is always "in progress" in one way or another. :-) I've always favored Lowe's too.

Erin said...

So... what are your current projects? Do tell.

Stef said...

You really want to know? I thought about blogging about them, but its kind of something I get excited/anxious about and I don't think anyone else would... maybe other moms would, who knows. :)

They're just projects around the house, in preparation for the baby. We're going to be making the closet space a little more spacious, by adding another wooden rail across the middle. Since the kid's clothes are still small/short, I realized we can totally utilize the space in there by adding another bar across the middle!
Anyway, then we're going do the garage (I get a head ache just thinking about it)

The coolest project is going to be crown molding to go around the ceilings in the front of our house. I'm going to do the play room first, as my test run. My Dad's going to help me cut the wood, then I'll paint it when we have room in our garage and then we'll nail it up and finish it off! Next year we plan to purchase hardwood floor from Costco and install it ourselves. If you're looking for some gentle comedy, stop by when we're in the process of that job... I can guarantee you'll get a good laugh. :)
I feel like I missed something. There's lots of little organizational stuff to do by this fall, but the BIG stuff comes next year.


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