Tips for controlling those allergies

Seems like lately, everywhere I go, I hear people complaining about allergies! I have major sympathy because Jason and I used to deal with severe allergies and it would keep us down and out for most of the spring months. 
A friend of mine told me a couple years ago that she uses local honey (from local flowers) and serves it on bread, cereal, pancakes, etc... to her family to combat local allergies. She said she saw great results and her husband, who would suffer severely, was suddenly able to treat his allergies every year by eating local honey before they would set in. 
We were on the verge of trying the same thing about 2 years ago but ours seemed to subside. Woo-hoo! It took us a little while to finally figure out that there did seem to be an odd connection. We used to go into Livermore quite often (Jason worked there 5 days a week and we attended church there). Once he quit his job and we began attending a church here in Brentwood... poof! The allergies literally almost went completely away. 
My point isn't that Livermore, the Labs or our old church are evil, infected places :) just that it proves there is something in that area that was definitely affecting us. I think the eating local honey thing is a smart move. 
Claritin D has proven to work well for us in the past and switching from using a regular broom to a Swiffer mop also helped greatly. Keeps the dust from flying up in the air so much. 

Anyone have any other tips? I know this really gets so many people feeling so horrid, so tips would be helpful. Hope all you allergy sufferers will be feeling well soon! 


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