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My sister recently tagged me to do a Blog on "Four Things." I am posting my answers and will then tag four friends to do their "Four things" on their blogs. Four things about me that you may or may not have known in no particular order.

1. Four jobs I have had in my life: Expense Rep @ PeopleSoft, Jr. Administrator @ Western Pacific Housing, Nanny for 4 amazing years and a piano teacher, currently :)

2. Four Places I lived: San Jose, Dublin, Brentwood and Oakley

3.Four Shows that I watch: Take Home Chef, House Hunters, Moving Up and Bringing Home Baby

4. Four Places I Have Been: Oahu, Tahoe, Yosemite and Monterey -- all of my favorites

5. Four Blogs I Read Regularly: -- this is so hard because my feed reader checks all the blogs I know about everyday! But... here are some that I usually find updated often and enjoy reading. Heather, Paper Pony, Sauder Travels and Gina's

6. Four of MY Favorite Foods: Mexican, Chinese, Greek and Italian

7. Four Places I'd Rather be right now: Monterey, I'd love to go to Maine, the spa... yes, that sounds divine, and Los Gatos

8.Four things I look forward to in the next year: Meeting our new baby, vacation, seeing our new church building and growing in grace.

Now I tag: Krista, Jessi Smitts, Gina and Laura

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