Jason and I were pleasantly surprised a couple weeks ago when a friend of ours offered us her daughter's crib, mattress and bedding set! She emailed me out of the blue, asking if we were in need of a crib and such an we just happened to be! We used Jason's baby furniture with our other two kids and because its going on 30 years old and has been through so many kids, our Dr. recommended that we use something newer. I loved using his stuff; I loved the sentiment behind it, the way it looked and the color. I was starting to think we'd never find something we liked just as much. God provides!

I teach this lady's girls piano lessons and she told me last week that her 4 year old daughter's crib set was used for about 2 months and is just sitting in her closet. She brought it all over tonight and we LOVE it! We also really like the bedding set - very gender neutral and we just think the colors and theme is cute. Its all been such a blessing and a huge surprise!

Anyway... we're so thankful for the kindness of others. Once its put together, I'll post some pictures.

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jillyco said...

How nice! God is good to provide!


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