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Here are some more pictures of our time with the Swensons. They arrived a couple days after we got home from California. They stayed with us for the weekend, before heading onto Whistler, Canada for their family get away and then came back to stay one more night with us, before heading back home. 

Thank you Swensons, for the super fun time!!

Ezra was our guest of honor! He was born in December and so this is the first time we got to meet him in person. May I say, he's quite the cutie pie and such a sweet heart. We loved having a baby boy in our home for a few days :) 

and he liked our books. they taste yummy. 

{Ethan took this one}

look at his beautiful, blue eyes!

William made Swedish Pancakes for us, 2 mornings! 
Thanks, William - yummers!!

Ezra and Ethan seemed to get along swell. 

this one is my fave... 

After Ezra left, Ethan came and said "I think it would actually be really fun to have a baby brother someday."Pretty impressive, coming from the boy who's always said he only wants sisters :-)

it ended up being a weekend filled with baby love! On Sunday {after church} we had a bbq dinner at our house and invited a bunch of friends over. Our good friends the Fergusons {we consider them our Washington "family"} came with their ONE week old baby, Owen. Can we just say scrumptous and adorable?!

Josh, holding his 4th baby :) 
Jason and I grew up with Josh and went to the same church together. He married Danielle and they moved up here to WA about 7 years ago. Pretty cool that we ended up living about 30 minutes from each other, 7 years later! Our kids love playing together and the four of us adults get along marvelously. We love living close to them! 

 ... because Owen's middle name is Henry :-)

Jason took this one and I think its super creative.

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Jessica said...

Yippie!!!!! Love allllll the pictures!! ;)

Stef said...

uinme too - they turned out great! I showed Ethan the post when I was done with it and he said "I just wish they could live with us always." :)

Emily said...

Great pics! Ethan really has a good eye for pictures. Keep working with him on cultivating that.


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