kids & weddings mix great

{the actual wedding post/pictures is below this one}
I personally love weddings and I personally love children. So when you can mix both, I say its a successful day! I took this sequence of pictures and thought they turned out super cute, I wanted to post them. Jayden likes Sonja quite a bit and wanted to play with her at the reception. Sonja however, wasn't sure about this boy and did her very best to let him know that while she'd be friendly, she was NOT going to flirt. And she did a great job holding her ground :)

showing off for Sonja :) 

he wants to play... she'd rather be with Daddy. 

"I wanna hold your hand" 

he gets his way... and she at least doesn't cry. 

I love her refusal to make eye contact 

in the end, they both seemed pretty happy... 

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Jessica said...

I SO LOVE that they had kids at the wedding. We did too & they were so well behaved.. and actually keep the dance floor hopping!! We're bummed that my cousin isn't allowing any at his in Sept. :(


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