where is it going?!

I feel like everyone says "time is just flying by" or "where is the time going?!" or things like that, about the speed in which time passes. 
When I was younger I thought it was just the thing old(er) people talked about; never understanding why on earth they felt like time was going by so fast, when an hour seemed to take forever to pass in my little brain. Maybe this feeling does come with age, I don't know, but I've become one of those haters-of-time-passing-too-quickly people.
For me personally, I feel it more in the every day things. Not always the big, monumental things. I find myself folding a load of clothes, coming across a pair of Ethan's size 5 jeans, wondering "when did his clothes begin to look like big boy clothes?!" 
Or, doing all my laundry and feeling so accomplished that the laundry room is cleaned and out of service {in a good way} for a day, only to be flooded with new dirty clothes days later. Where did the time go for us to dirty so many articles of clothing?! Didn't I just do the laundry yesterday?! And Jason will say something like "I think that was last week." - oh. 
A few weeks ago Kara began a new phrase and it goes something like this... "look! balloons, Mom!" or "ma purse, Mom! I found ma purse!" Its the m-o-m part that has me mostly freaked out. When did she get big enough to even learn how to say mom?! What happened to Mama? I have to admit, it is pretty cute hearing her say it like such a big girl... but then it just reminds me that she is such a big girl now. Where did all that time go, with her being my cute, little, tiny baby?! 
The other day my friend very graciously reminded me that Christmas is only 5 months away. I'm sure she thought it was a helpful reminder, but I had this sudden urge to smack her across the face. How dare she remind me how fast this year is passing by ;-) But seriously... Christmas? FIVE months away?! How did that happen? Is time flying by at lightening speed, or is it a rare few that feel this way? 
My Uncle turns 50 today... FIFTY! {Happy Birthday, Uncle Jon!} But when did he leave his 30's? I feel like we celebrated his 30th birthday, at the most, 5 years ago. Its nuts, I'm telling you. 
My Dad and I were talking about this, during our visit to CA in June, and he said that he doesn't remember this feeling of time speeding by so quickly when he was younger - we're talking, a younger dad, with smaller kids, full time job, etc... not when he was a kid. His reason for it in our present day is that we're all so terribly busy and the normal schedule isn't what it used to be. I think he might be onto something. I think life may have been a bit simpler back in the olden days {the 80's, I mean}, but who knows. 
I guess its a good reminder to soak up the time we do have, make every moment count, cherish those special milestones and precious moments - because you ain't gettin'em back ;-) 
I was just struck by this whole subject today. I know Ecclesiastes talks much about the passing of time and redeeming the time - today when I was thinking over all of this, God reminded me that it might be a good time for me to re-read Ecclesiastes, so I think I will. 
Just for reference with the whole time passing quickly thing... these pictures all feel like they were taken, maybe a year ago. Its amazing... 
Ethan Darrel @6 months 

Rachel Kathryn @5 weeks old 

Kara Joy @1 day old 

As a side note and having absolutely nothing to do with time passing quickly, my little sister is moving up here in just a few weeks! We're pretty elated. It will be SO fun having family up here with us. The kids are completely thrilled, but I'm afraid Ethan has decided with Aunt Emily moving up here, that must mean Papa & Nana are coming with her... right? He went as far as clearing out {and offering to give away many} of his toys the other day, to "make room for where Papa and Nana can sleep." :( 
Anyway, we're excited, she's excited and it should be a whole new adventure for all of us! 
I'm planning a surprise "welcome to Washington, Emily!" party... any grand ideas? She doesn't look at my website, so no worries if you give your ideas here. It will be a party with mostly adults and then a few kids. Any fun group games you can think of, aside from the wii? Do share. 

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Erin said...

First things first - Wow! I didn't know Emmers is moving. What?!!
Secondly - I thought Christmas is 6 months away.
But, to your main point - I am feeling it, too. Perhaps because I am wondering how near I am to the end of babies. This is the only pregnancy where I have been wondering "what if this is my last pregnancy?" I know that could have been any of them. But, it has just been on my mind.
I have just bought a new journal to take journaling up again.
Like you said, you can't get the moments back. But also, memory is failing. Sometimes I have thought, "at least we have the memories". But... not so. That is fleeting, too. Sometimes it is so hard to remember things.
All that to say, I am journaling again to record my/our history a bit, lest we forget.

Stef said...

I told her it was six months away also... but she said "if you count July, then you're not supposed to count December and if you count December, then you're not supposed to count July." But I said "July is still a full month to be had and Christmas is the end of December- a full month." She replied with "yes, but you understand that as soon as December 1st gets here, Christmas itself is here." So I decided she won ;-)

Anyway, yes! This is why I've always been quite religious about keeping journals. I would sit and ask Jason's Grandmas things about their past - for a long time, they remembered most of their fondest and hardest memories; they were like digging into a really deep, emotional novel. And then recently, they've both suffered from some memory loss as they enter their 80's. And I suddenly realize (as you said) writing these things down now, to pass onto next generations (before we forget) is so wise.

I also didn't know you've "gone public" with the pregnancy! I'll tell my Mom then - she loves hearing exciting news like that :)

Stef said...

also, with regards to the "this could be our last baby" feeling. I get that too! I feel so dumb afterward because everyone makes comments like "if you don't be more careful, you'll have 15!" I don't care for the comments (at all - and could turn that into a blog post all in its own, but won't) and then I sit here thinking about all the families I know who had 2 or 3 and then weren't able to have anymore. I know God is enough, I know my current family size is enough if its what He's chosen for us... but it is sad when I realize we never do know when its "the end". I admit whenever people see us and say "so your youngest is 21 months old and you're still not pregnant?!" I get that really sad, twinge feeling in heart.

Charlotte said...

I can totally relate to this post. I remember in high school and during our engagement wanting time to move faster. Oh why did I want that?!? It was when we started having kids that I really started wanting time to slow down, but of course it doesn't. And I can totally relate to the laundry thing, I am now having trouble discerning between my son's and husbands clothing....

I love keeping my journal and also love blogging as I see it as another form of journaling. And I savored all my pregnancies....with all the problems I had, I never knew which would be my last. I do get sad when someone asks me if we are having more...

How cool that your sister is moving up! I will have to think of some party ideas.

And congrats, Erin on your pregnancy! When are you due?

Maritez said...

Hi Stef....I'm trying to get back into bloggy land! I have lots to catch up on...but first, so happy to hear that your sister will be close to you guys soon! So happy for you to have family nearby :)

Stef said...

Maritez! Welcome back to the bloggy world!! I love your website and I'm super glad you're updating it. Judah is SO freaking adorable.

Yes, we're super thrilled about Emily moving here... It will feel more like home for sure!


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