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This first trip we took {during my Mom's visit} was on Rachel's actual birthday. After her treasure hunt, opening presents and going out to lunch with Jason and me, we drove into the City and did some exploring; taking Nana to our favorite spots. The day was absolutely gorgeous and we had a blast! Also, everyone I've shown the top picture to, doesn't really believe I took it. I assure you, I did take it. I stood there for a good 2 minutes, prepping for that shot; making sure the City horizon was perfect, just enough clouds, etc... so I have to say I am quite proud of how it turned out ;-)

the very first Starbucks!

my mom took a picture of me taking a picture :)

I like how they have flowers above all the shops

Ethan & Rachel made sure we didn't get lost

waiting for the Monorail...

we played at the Children's Museum


the following week, {last week} we went back for some more fun in the City!

a super neat fish display

we visited Jason at work on our way home...

we had so much fun in Seattle!
great weather
great adventures
great time with Nana

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Carrie said...

Beautiful pictures! You should print and frame that one seattle skyline with the clouds. It's good. I live in Seattle too! I don't remember that nice day you have pictures of. ;-) It has been so cold every morning. It's like October weather this summer.

Stef said...

Thanks Carrie! We had such a fun day. I'm not sure how Seattle has been for the past 3 weeks, but by our house, we've had some weird mornings where the sun doesn't come out until 1pm and then its gorgeous! The only problem is, if you go anywhere you have to dress for winter weather in the morning and then be able to un-layer as you go, when the sun pops out and it actually gets HOT.
We managed to hit Seattle on both days where it was just amazing from sun up, to sun down :)

I'll take anything over our old 100+ HOT, dry weather back at our old house.

So, you live in Seattle?! how cool is that! where did you find my website?

Carrie said...

Hi Stef! Yeah, that's the weather we have been subject to as well. Darn right cold all day till late afternoon.
I don't actually remember how I got to your site. I had one day of clicking the sites on the side of people's blog that they follow and through that tangled web of clicking, found you.

Jessica said...

Ack! All these pictures make me want to go back!! :) Was that the first time for you guys on the monorail? We were delighted to find it to get back to our car since we'd been walking all day...but what a super quick ride! And what an awesome museum that they can play at a grocery store!!!

Stef said...

Jess, we've been on the Monorail before and LOVED it! The kids got to sit in the very front seat the first time we rode it. They weren't so lucky this time ;-)
We'd love to have you guys visit again!!!

Stef said...

Hey Carrie! I'm pretty sure I've seen your face on Jess Mac's blog. Small world :-)

Stef said...

Hey Carrie! I'm pretty sure I've seen your face on Jess Mac's blog. Small world :-)


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