Kara {22 months}

We're 2 months away from our baby turning 2 years old! How did two years go by that fast?!
July didn't bring many new things with it, other than a bigger vocabulary and bit of sassiness. Kara has learned the art of arguing and does it quite well with her sister. You'll hear Rachel say "Yes you did!" and Kara will reply with "No I didn't!" and this goes on and on until I put a stop to it. I can't quite figure them out, because they don't seem to be mad at each other when they do it... they just seem to enjoy the back and forth banter. Who knows.
She's become quite the pro with Sunday School these days! She gives us a send of cry, but we've been told it stops moments after we leave. When we go pick her up after church, I get the biggest kick out of seeing her interacting with all the little people her own age. Last Saturday she saw me getting all the "church clothes" out and kept saying "Kawa go to Sumday School!!" So think we can officially call that progress
Out of all 3 of our kids, Kara has been the biggest fan of her Daddy. If Jason is home, she follows him around. If he's sitting in a chair, she climbs on his lap, ready to get lots of Daddy hugs and kisses, she will cry and become quite upset if the kids or me are getting any attention from him. Its very cute... but it can become a problem when Jase is trying to get something done :) 

Here are some pictures of Kara at 22 months old!

first time ever in pig tails! her hair is slowly getting long enough for me to do things to it.

I've always love going into my kid's rooms when they're fast asleep
and kissing their sweet cheeks.

last Monday morning I woke up to Kara "reading" her favorite book on our bedroom floor. She had put her bracelets on and was ready to read in style. I loved how she held her wrist up the whole time, so they jewelry wouldn't fall off :)

with baby Owen 2 weeks ago {she absolutely adores baby Owen}

3 {comments}:

Erin said...

Kara looks SO much like Emma in that picture of her sleeping. WOW!

Stef said...

Yes! I think so too, Erin. The curly hair helps, since they both have it :)

Jessica said...

Aw, sweet baby Kara doesn't look much like a baby anymore!!


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