we had a party

she helped make her own birthday cake

our big, 4 year old girl! 


then, we had a party with our friends.... 
and we partied in style. 

our friend Peyton

Kara took her fashion very seriously. 

baby Owen with his Mama

we had a cake for Rachel turning 4 and our good friend Ian turned 6! 

we played a lot of wii bowling

and got to visit with Ellie, all the way from Montana! 
{she is baby Owen's Auntie  - we used to go to church with her family years ago, back in CA}

It was a lovely party and we enjoyed our time with friends and family. 
Thanks to all of you who helped us celebrate! 

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The Thomas Family said...

Rachel looks so beautiful Stef! She's growing up so fast...seems like her second birthday was just yesterday! Good to see Ferguson's with you and Ellie too! Cool. Owen is so sweet. Love babies! :)

Gina said...

Love Rachel's birthday outfit & how grown she looks making cake. So sweet!

Krista said...

VERY cute pictures of Rachel cooking, she looks so grown up!

Stef said...

she DOES suddenly look super grown up to us too. It makes me sad and happy all at once.
Also, Trish, it has been amazing getting to spend time with the Fergusons! There's a possibility that Josh's parents are going to move here for John's work sometime soon - fun times!


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