Grace, Grace, God's Grace!

This article has captured my hear tonight. I loved it as soon as I finished the first sentence. 
God's grace is a gift I feel can never be out given. Its what I will forever be most thankful for. 
What an amazing way to remember God's amazing grace that He bestows freely on those who believe! 
Here's just a small example of what I'm talking about... just a small quote from this article. 

"Grace will make you finally acknowledge that you cannot earn God's favor, and it will once and for all remove your fear of not measuring up to his standards. Grace will humble you with the fact that you are much less than you thought you were, even as it assures you that you can be far more than you had ever imagined. You can be sure that grace will put you in your place without ever putting you down."

Speaking of Amazing Grace, I finally watched the movie, Amazing Grace and loved it. If you haven't watched it yet, take the time. You won't regret it. 

2 {comments}:

Gina said...

Isn't that movie great? I sure learned a lot about the history of it all. It's such a well made movie--we had to own it. :-) Great article! God's grace is amazing!

Stef said...

Glad you liked it. I read it last night, thought about it all night - which was easy to do, since Kara didn't sleep all night :( and then read it again this morning :)


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