Hello Seattle

I like the Owl City song, Hello Seattle 
 I liked it before we moved here, but since moving here, I really like it. 
Every time we cross the bridge from Bellevue into Seattle, I think of that song. 
We rarely go into Seattle on Mondays, because its Jason's day off and since he's 
always going there for work, we usually do something somewhere else 
on Dad's day off. But this day happened to be a beauty and we really hadn't been to Seattle 
{all five of us} in a long time, so we went.

we had lunch at a yummy place on the wharf called Steamers.


Kara was fascinated with the water below the pier. 
She kept saying "hi Nemo! hi sharks!" 

watching the people board the cruise ship. 

this is her "oh my goodness, NO WAY!" look :) 

my husband understands how much I love pictures from behind, 
so he'll humor me from time to time ;-) 


we took the kids on the marry-go-round and then played air hockey. 
this was Ethan and Rachel's first time playing each other, all by themselves. 
They loved it! We all decided we'd like to buy an air hockey table and a ping-pong table. 

I was really into the game :) 

Ethan won, 7-6 

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Jane said...

Oh WOW--beautiful day just like we had!! You'll have to get someone to take a picture of all of you together next time! That one on the pier would make a great Christmas card if you were in it :) I love that I know just where you are--and when I see the pics I remember the smells and the sounds and the kids responses to everything!
You and Kara were into the air hockey--with the same look of concentration :)

Nicola S. said...

Hey Stef, it looks like you all had a great day. Beautiful! I was in Seattle once and I really didn't get to see much, I'd really like to go and explore. I love the picture of Kara saying, hi to NEMO and the sharks as well as her oh my goodness face!

Stef said...

Mom, Kara and I were totally into the game. Ethan and Rachel did really well; keeping the score about 1 point away from each other through the whole game, so it was intense :)

Cola, next time you're here, we'll meet you there and show you around!!

Krista said...

Beautiful pictures, looks like you guys had a great time!

Is Kara's hair getting more and more curly? Or am I just not remembering correctly?

Charlotte said...

We totally LOVE Owl City's Hello Seattle. My kids love to blast it when we are cleaning the house.

And this post made me miss Seattle....my MIL has moved back to CA so it has been a few years since we have visited. It is such a beautiful place!


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