his new do, with Updated pictures!

I was giving Ethan a hair cut tonight and shaved everything but the center.
"hey buddy! remember the other day you asked me what a mow-hawk is?" 
"do you want me to show you, with your hair?" 
"okay... will it hurt?" 
"no, I just shave all your hair, except the center piece and then I'll show you in the mirror." 
"oh, okay - sure!" 


"take a look! tell me what you think." 


"it looks kind of ridiculous." 

"seriously? you don't think its goofy in a fun way?" 

"No. do you?" 

"yes. I think it looks crazy, but fun and you'll probably never have it this way again. Do you want me to shave it off now? I will." 

"um... lets leave it just to show Daddy in the morning." 

"okay... are you sure? I'll cut it now, its not a big deal. 
We could always just take a picture and show Daddy." 

"No, I'd like to show Daddy for real, so go ahead and leave it. Maybe in the morning I'll be used to it and I'll think its goofy and fun like you and then I'll want to keep it." 

"okay, its just hair, so don't worry either way." 

"I'm just thinking people will see it and say 'what in the heck happened to his head?!' " 

"well, don't worry about people - just let me know if you don't like it and I can shave it off in 2 seconds."

"I'm gonna sleep on it and I'll let you know in the morning." 

"okay, sounds good." 

moments later, I hear a noise coming out of the bathroom {the kids are all supposed to be in bed}
I walk up the stairs and peek around the corner thinking I'm going to catch Kara being naughty.
Instead, I see Ethan, on the stool, looking at himself in the mirror, smiling these "way too cool for drool" smiles. He gives himself a thumbs up and then goes to bed.

I think he likes the mow-hawk :-)

he decided to keep it... and make it look real. 

I said something that made him laugh pretty hard and the goldfish didn't quite stay in ;-) 

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Emily said...

I love it! I wish Jackson would let me do fun stuff with his hair, but anything other than the normal style is unacceptable. Even the slightest rumple in his hair and he says he has bad guy hair. LOL! Ethan's hair looks great.

Nicola S. said...

I love it Stef! What a great son you have. He's such a thinker. It's fun to be crazy once in a while! Besides it will grow back!

Jessica said...

Aw, definitely "too cool for drool" dude! ;)

This is one of the many reasons why I love you!! Such a cool mom. It's just hair & if he wants to try different styles..well, so be it! This was one of the examples in "Graced-based parenting" book I read recently. Embracing individualism & not caring what peeps think if it's not a morality issue!

Stef said...

Thanks girls! I had no idea it would get so much attention on Facebook. People seem to be really excited when it comes to hair stuff :)

He woke up this morning and definitely wants to keep it, but he's requested that the rest of his hair be cut even shorter, so the hawk really gets the full effect :)

Jess, thanks. If there's one thing I'd love my kids to understand, its that your hair style or things of that nature don't *define* who you are. There's nothing wrong with being a little different and having fun with something silly like your hair.
I once knew a group of people who would get so weirded out if women put any type of highlights in their hair or dyed their hair. I just don't get.
I think its a lot of insecurity, which I'd like my kids to NOT be familiar with :)

Jenn said...

So cute, what a handsome smile he has!! I might just have to do this with Mark. Still working on the blog...it's not quite updated. When I decide what to do with it I'll send you the link.


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