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Our little man of the house is 5 1/2 today! He's really excited to be "almost 6" and even more excited to be starting real school next month. The older our kids get, I have to say it does get more exciting. I like being able to do such big boy things with Ethan; teaching him how to help me with stuff around the house {while he is eager to learn and help!} I love that he can read to ME now. We play board games together, which is new and fun. I get a kick out of watching him enjoy Dad/son time with Jason. I love to hear them have "guy talks". Makes me laugh because when we're here during the day, there's so much Ethan just saves to discuss with Daddy. Sometimes he'll ask me something and I'll answer and then he'll say something like "Yeah... I think I'm gonna talk to Daddy about this, to hear his answer." Its like he knows Daddy's answer will just be more suitable for guy talk. 

Ethan has always said that he wants only sisters. I've never understood this, because it seems like it would be so fun to have a sibling the same gender as you - I always liked it! 
The other day he climbed up on our bed for a morning chat with me {I love that he's still very cuddly and calm in the morning} and he said, in a very mature sounding voice, "I think I'm actually ready to have a baby brother." Very matter-of-fact. Gave us a good laugh. I told him its something we need to leave in God's hands and remember that God knows what and when we need things. He seemed pleased with that answer and said "I was just letting you know, Mommy, since we talked about it before and I said I only wanted sisters. I'm ready to have a brother." - I loved the seriousness of his tone. Like he had given it good thought and was happy to report to us that he's open to a brother ;-) 
Ethan handles his job as the oldest in our home, quite well. He likes to help out. He likes to feel like he's helping my day run smoother {just like his Daddy!} he loves teaching his sisters big kid things. Gets a kick out of telling people "I taught them how to do that!" But, one thing he's been dealing with and understanding more of the frustration with being the oldest is, his example needs to be a good and honorable one, for his sisters to see and learn from. Sometimes when we're dealing with a specific sin area in his heart, all it takes to soften him up is us saying "Remember that your sisters are watching you and looking up to you, to learn how to act. They need to see obedient, trustworthy behavior from their brother." and its typically what I think God uses to soften his heart and help him to understand the importance of being the oldest. 
He's been learning a lot in Sunday School about how God is everywhere, not just in Heaven. That He sees and hears ALL things. This has made a huge impact on Ethan. He will often tell me "I was thinking about not telling you the truth about that, because you didn't see me... but I remembered that God saw me and wants me to tell the truth." *sigh*
We love our boy. He still has the ability to emotionally and mentally keep us on our toes, but I continue to see it as God's way to refine and purify US in the process. 

When I told him I would be writing a post all about him today, he responded with "oh! that's pretty neat. I'll go ahead and say a few things." So, I'll start with what Ethan would like to tell you.... I had to ask some specific questions for him to answer, otherwise this "conversation" was all over the place :) 

ME: "how old are you now, Ethan?"
I'm 5 1/2 now! It doesn't feel different from being just regular 5, but it sounds cooler. Because its almost 6 years old and 6 sounds really big. 
ME: "What do you like to do and play?"
I play baseball and basketball and I'm learning to get pretty good with those. Daddy plays with me in the street, to help me practice. I don't cry anymore if I lose a game. 
I love legos and I love playing with my army guys and tanks. 
I liked seeing Toy Story 3 in the movie theaters. My Nana took Rachel and me to see Despicable Me and I really laughed at that one. There's funny parts in it. 
My favorite wii game is wii tennis. I play wii bowling and wii baseball with David a lot. 
I can read now and its SO fun. I like being able to read words. I love playing the alphabet game in the car.
We got bunk beds for our room and I sleep on the top bunk. And, I'm not scared to do it. 
I like playing with Napa, Aunt Emily's dog. She's fun to throw the tennis ball to. 
ME: "Is there anything new that you've tried now that you're older?"
Something I like to do, now that I'm bigger is pray, when I'm by myself. I like to talk to God and I like to tell him when I'm afraid in the dark. It makes me feel better. 
Mrs Cap sent me a book about prayer AND, a Veggie Tales movie. I got to meet Mrs. Cap in California when I was still just 5. She is very nice and I was glad to meet her. She loves God very much. Even when her body is very sick and she doesn't feel good- she loves God. 
My favorite things to do in Washington are to be in Seattle. I always think its where Jenna lives... but she's in San Francisco, in California. And, San Francisco reminds me of Seattle, so I remember Jenna when we go there. 
I talk with my Grandpa and Grandma on skype and I talk to Jenna on skype; that's really fun to do. 
ME: "has anything about you changed, now that you're older?" 
I didn't used to like the rain, but I love it now! Its supposed to rain on Saturday night and I'm very, very excited because it hasn't rained in a long time. 
I like living here. I miss some of my friends in California and my cousins, but I get to visit them sometimes. 
I love Rachel and Kara. I wish Kara wasn't getting SO big, but she is. 
I like having sisters to be my friends all the time. I'm never bored with them. 
I love vanilla milk. And I love smoothies. 
I love playing with Daddy. He's the best Daddy to me. 
I like writing a book on Mommy's website! 

oh yes! this is when we all climbed on the car and asked Mommy to take a picture of us. I was afraid to fall off the back, but I held on tight. Kara loves to drive this car around. She probably thinks she's really driving. 

this is my favorite picture of me and Kara. I love Kara, so much. 

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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates said...

I like his attitude. I like competition....when I have a very good chance of winning! LOL.

Brian said...

I liked how he saw Mrs. Cap "back when he was just 5".

Stef said...

I liked that too! Its like, on Rachel's 4th birthday, she walked around telling people "yeah! I'm almost 5 now!"

Stef said...

I liked that too! Its like, on Rachel's 4th birthday, she walked around telling people "yeah! I'm almost 5 now!"


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