milk education

Thought this video was very informative and well done!

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Sunny said...

I wish I had 50 minutes to watch it all! So do you guys eat raw milk then? Interesting!

Stef said...

we do! and we love it. I could write up a whole blog post on the benefits we've experienced in our home.. but I don't think I will :)

Gina said...

I know there are definite benefits in having raw milk over processed, but I guess I have a hard time getting past the whole point of milk to begin with--it's species specific. Cow babies drink cow's milk, whale babies drink whale milk, human babies drink human milk--etc. I'm sure drinking cow's milk stemmed from some sort of necessity at some point, but what's the need for it on a regular basis? Anyway, that's one of the major points I took away from a presentation I saw years ago. :-)

Stef said...

Gina, I agree! But, my family would die if I took away their milk and Jason has already said he will be drinking it, because he likes it :-)
But, I pretty much have a 2-4 oz. a day in my smoothie drink.
I completely agree with you though! I think we can get in food what we get from cows, but we don't - so we supplement in milk. We do that with many things if you think about it.


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