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When we realize we need to make a change in our lives, regarding our health and our weight, we put our minds firmly to finding a good work-out schedule and then we do our best to faithfully stick with it.  Searching for what time works best; what time is best for us to give our full, undivided attention to the work-out. Sometimes we do go into it haphazardly, but I think deep down during those times, we expect to fail. And if we're being honest, we're actually okay with failure, since our heart isn't really in it in the first place. We just sort of pretend to put effort into it, so we can say "I tried.
Yesterday I was thinking about today's culture, {and maybe its always been this way and I'm just now catching on - I am a bit very slow} thinking about how into our looks we are. Gyms seem to be overflowing with members, even though we constantly hear about how the economy is so poor. Being obsessively in shape seems to be a fad right now. And I'm not making fun - I'm all for being healthy and staying in the best shape possible, to live a good, active, healthy life. I just think now, more than in previous years maybe (?) society at large, seems to be really into work-outs and body types and specific routines that keep them fit. 

And then it struck me...

I wish I always treated God's Word this way. 
I wish I cared for my relationship with God the same way I care for my body, my house, even my family. 
I wish I always had such detailed, specific, purposefully laid out routines that I know would never hinder my time with the One who waits eagerly to meet with me.  And not just that I'd have a routine time to say "there, I met with God. Now onto the rest of my day." {I'll admit to having a fear about setting up too much of a routine for Bible/prayer time, for fear that it turns into a check-list of sorts and just that... a routine}.
My spiritual health and Spiritual 'fitness' and my relationship with God ought to be what captures my attention and care more than any other area of my life. And yet, its not always the case. Sometimes I feel like its rarely the case. 
And just like putting off a good diet and decent exercise will make my tummy & arms flabby and my body feel tired and lazy - in the same way, if I treat my relationship with God like something I need to squeeze in when I find time, it will make me feel Spiritually lazy, fat, tired and complacent. 
But I think what God has impressed the most on me in the past couple of weeks is this:  
a good, solid, thriving, enjoyable, greatly anticipated, happy, healthy relationship with Him takes much time and much concentrated effort. The best example I can think of would be our husbands. I love Jason. I love to spend time with him. I love learning all sorts of things about him; I'm not sure I'll ever get tired of "figuring him out". I love making him happy and I love when he and I get alone time together - to really have that time to stop and look into his eyes and focus 100% on him. 
I love knowing that he loves me. That he cherishes me. That he enjoys alone time with me,  because its special and focused and purposed. 
But I love my Savior much more than I'll ever love Jason. Do I act like it? Can people tell that my relationship and walk with God is that important to me? Do my kids see this in me? Do they see that nothing is more important to me than my time with God? When stress or crisis or just the every day toil sets in, do they see me internally/outwardly freak out or do they see Mommy cling to what she knows is real and true in Christ? 

This is what has been heavy on my heart these days. 
Putting God first. 
Putting my words into practice; talking the talk and walking the walk. 
Finding myself lingering for a long time at God's throne of grace; not because my needs are great or because my wants are many... but because I desire to meet with the One who loves me with an everlasting love. Because I know my soul needs to be refreshed.  Because its good for me to get my eyes off of me and back on Jesus. 
Imagine how differently my days would go! 

And just like working out and eating healthy, if you stick with it long enough, it becomes something your body needs and craves. Soon you drive by a fast food joint and gag at the thought of actually eating the greasy food. 
When we frequently wet our appetites with the Spiritual food God gives in His Word and when we make it a point to meet with God in daily prayer - we'll find that we're craving more. We won't be happy with 10 minutes. We won't want to fill the days with foolish time wasters. God will begin to show us more of who He is. His grace will begin to fill every area of our lives and peace... true, lasting peace will fill our hearts. 

I want that. I'm ashamed that I have days and sometimes weeks where it looks like I could care less. Where I give the impression that I'm in control and I'm on top of it all. 
I'm nothing without Christ. He's everything to me. My prayer is that my life will be a continual reflection of God's beauty and grace. 

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Jessica said...

Amen, sister! I've been frustrated about this too recently!! Thank you for sharing!

Stef said...

You're welcome Jess! I'm glad... its been heavy on my heart and I decided it was time to blog about it :)

Jenn said...

Stef, I loved this post!!! This has definitely been on my heart as well. Thanks for the encouragement! Praying for you!

Charlotte said...

Wow Stef, great post! This is so, so true. If I compared the effort I put into my relationship with my husband, my kids, my house when I know we are having company and my relationship with God; I spend way less time with my Savior.

Thank you so much for posting this; the last couple years have seemed busier to me....with the kids getting older, more friends....I definitely feel that I am neglecting certain areas, especially in my faith. Thanks for the reminder to walk my talk, to make my relationship with God the MOST important thing I have.

Gina said...

What a good post! You make wonderful points, and really well at that. I can relate to much of what you've said. So hard to do, but so worth the effort!

Gina said...

What a good post! You make wonderful points, and really well at that. I can relate to much of what you've said. So hard to do, but so worth the effort!


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