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Its been rainy, cold weather the past few days here. Very weird for August, but much anticipated by us. We were kind of tired of the dry, hot weather. Lets just say Washington really shines in the cooler, rainy weather. When you're used to everything being so green and lush, it gets very depressing when a month or longer goes by with no rain. 
Its made the kids hyper though. There's a sudden gear switch where we have to become creative about  being indoors. Not spending all day long in front of the b00b tube, for starters. We did a lot of digging through the craft cupboard and sorting through dress-ups and play dough; things we haven't touched in over a month. And then its kind of weird because starting tomorrow, the hot weather is supposed to return. Like, we're talking in the 90's, which for the Pacific Northwest, is HOT. I'm telling you, the suns rays are just a lot closer and brighter here. Its amazing how sun burned I get up here. I never burned when we live in California. Maybe its just that there's no smog, so the sun cuts through nothing and gets to you much quicker. Who knows. 

School starts next month! Crazy how fast the summer is going by. But, when I think its flying by too fast, I think of our friends who all started school last month... and I am once again thankful for another month of random nothingness. Its delightful. We have several field trips planned for this week, trips to the beach and probably lots of bbq'd dinners on the deck. 
With regards to school, I think I'm ready {for those of you who have so kindly asked and not received a reply from me}. I'm not nearly as nervous as I was last year. I think I've realized that until they hit about 3rd and 4th grade, I can chill out and enjoy the easy ride. Because it really is going to be easier than I've made it out to be. And honestly, I think I feel so much better about the whole thing because I see how fun and mostly easy Kindergarten was for Ethan and I see how much HE enjoyed it and how much he learned and I realize its not as impossible as some would make it seem. For Ethan, learning how to read and write has opened up a whole new world for him. He loves it. He tells me all the time how amazing life is with those skills. 
Rachel begins Kindergarten next month and is besides herself with excitement. We were aiming for pre-K, but after being tested, she is definitely at the Kindergarten level.  I told her that we'll be going to the "school store" to buy some supplies for her and she began making a list right away. Not sure new dress-up shoes and new dolls really belong on that list, but its what she feels she'll need for school this year. 
So yes, all in all, we're excited and ready. Ask me in November how I feel about it all - you may get a different answer, not sure. 
Last week was a crazy, fun, busy, ridiculous week. Do you like weeks like that? I do and I don't. I can do without the "ridiculous" part, but that comes with life sometimes. The fun part was having my childhood friend come stay with us. Such a blast from the past, that's for sure! We met back in the early 80's and have had several years go by where we've lost contact, but for the most part, we've stayed in pretty good contact. I got married, he got married, babies were born all around, we both entered our 30's and here we are... Grown ups. He came up here with 2 other friends to do a Children's Conference and so since he was gone during the day, he, Jason and I had many late nights, catching up on life. It was fun though, and totally worth it. 

LTK - word. 
{this blog post has no purpose other than for me to ramble and for those of you who want to, get caught up, so please don't expect this to go anywhere important... its not}. 
Oh! Kara loves head bands. She discovered them when I bought a package for Rachel last week. She's become quite creative with them; wearing them around her neck like a choker. She puts them on and then says silly things like "I'm cinderwella!" So I've decided she thinks they're crowns. 
She has a slight cold right now and has been waking up every morning telling me "My nose is bwoken." Its super cute the way she says it. I think she's very frustrated with her nose being completely stuffed up. 
Have any of you used those Breath Right strips for your kids' noses? I keep wondering if they work and if they're safe. So if you've used them or know much about them, do let me know. 
I've been updating my music on Pandora. How did we ever cope before Pandora?! I don't know. I love turning some tunes on {that I've specifically chosen} and getting some serious house cleaning done, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I love it.
I all but died laughing when Kara walked through the kitchen the other day, singing "everybody everybody wants to lo-ove, every body every body wants to be loved, oh, oh, oh!"  Ethan said "what are you singing Kara?!" and she replied with "mommy's song!" :) 
Speaking of singing and learning songs... if you want to teach your kids something quickly, put the words to music and play it in the car. Our 3 kids have all the states of the United States memorized - from norther, southern, eastern and middle borders. I kid you not. I'm going to video tape them soon and get it up here, because it just needs to be documented. Its especially cute when Kara sings it. We were in Target the other day {because we live there as well} and the lady behind me in line tapped my shoulder and said "is your baby singing about the states on the East Coast?!" and then I realized she was going from Florida to Maine all in perfect order, and I thought *this woman must wonder what goes on in our home, for our 22 month old to have those memorized* - but when I told her we have a tape with the states put to music, she seemed to believe me, so that's good. 
They sang them for my friend who was here visiting and he got a big kick out of it, because he remembers when I sang them when I was Ethan's age. Craziness... 

I've rambled enough. On to a good great week! 

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Erin said...

What is LTK?
Brian looks pretty much the same. Nice to see pics!

Stef said...

LTK was something David, Trisha, Brian and I started WAY back in the day. Stands for Let Them Know. Remember Bibles for Russia? It was along the same lines. Getting the gospel out and getting Bibles to countries in their own language.
We laugh about it now, but I think it was pretty cool and made a huge impact on me!

Stef said...

LTK was something David, Trisha, Brian and I started WAY back in the day. Stands for Let Them Know. Remember Bibles for Russia? It was along the same lines. Getting the gospel out and getting Bibles to countries in their own language.
We laugh about it now, but I think it was pretty cool and made a huge impact on me!


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