We decided to make August the arts and crafts month! 
So far its been great - even Kara has been getting in on the fun! 

Today was painting day. 
I wanted it to be finger paints, but neither Ethan or Rachel 
wanted to get their fingers that dirty {who's children are these anyway?!
so we got out the paint brushes and painted away. 
I enjoyed seeing what they each decided to paint. 
Rachel painted more letters than I thought she would.
Ethan did more pictures, which is what I would've pegged Rachel for. 
Kara was all about circles and what she told me was "the sun" and "stars". 
At one point I think she was trying to paint the moon, 
but got frustrated with its outcome and called it a banana :) 

the day has come when Kara actually LOOKS at the camera, 
smiles and says "cheese!" 
Honestly, I thought we'd never get here. 

Ethan's was all about Creation. 
He told his sisters this story, while they painted. 
I was happy to hear that he has the story correct and in proper order. 
I remember the day when on the 5th day, God created the Jedi Knights and so forth... 

This was Ethan's idea. 
He asked me to to write the letters with a pencil, 
so they would be "great, like Moms write
- then he took the paint and traced over my writing 

4 {comments}:

Brooke said...

My kids would love this. What great paint holders. Where'd you get those? Thanks for the inspiration :)

Stef said...

it came with the Melissa & Doug art set my parents bought them last year for Christmas. They've loved that entire set! Its worth every penny :)

Jessica said...

Did you hang up their artwork somewhere?? Definitely love love painting...I tried to do it often with my 5th graders, so relaxing!! And Rach's apron is getting so much use lately! It's so cute!

Stef said...

we didn't save them :( The paint is super heavy on the paper and when we tried to hang them, they started falling apart. Then Ethan wisely said "if you just take a picture, we can always have them to remember - we don't need to save every craft we do." Sometimes I LOVE the way he thinks :)
So, we took pictures.

Rachel's apron is amazing! When I bought it from Anthropology (name dropping, I know) for her birthday last year, I just thought it was cute and I was shocked that it was only $20 bucks.
But, it has surprised me with how useful it is and how much coverage it has! She likes the pockets a lot as well :)


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