cooking class

The kids had cooking class at the park a couple weeks ago and it was the perfect weather for it! This class was a 'stir & mix' type of cooking, so they didn't actually cook their food :) 
They made yummy chicken salad sandwiches; toppings like celery, raisins, apples, carrots, pickles and mayo - the kids asked for PB&J when they were done making the delicious chicken salad sandwiches! Go figure.... 

Ethan & Trevor

Brianna wanted me to take one of her sweet smile :) 

Mr. Zachary was born just 2 weeks before we moved here... I think he's quite adorable. 

I think I just love babies though :) 

the community garden 

the finished product! 

 ~ then they made their own chocolate puddings ~ 
and that was the best part. 

later that day we went to our friend's house and had fun in some water play and ate
s'moars - thanks Kristen!! 

Kara enjoyed hers ;-) 

5 {comments}:

Gina said...

What a great idea for a cooking class for kids! Looks like fun. :-)

Stef said...

it was a super idea she had. We do these once a month and the kids loved this one. I think the pudding won out :)

Carrie said...

You have such cute kids!

Jessica said...

I totally love this idea!! Was it through a home-school group or church? I'm gonna steal it. ;)

Stef said...

It was actually through the MOMS club. I haven't joined a home school group yet.


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