I dreamed last night...

I dreamed last night that I was a tiger, in the jungle. 
But I was a big, bad tiger. 
So a lion killed me. 
and then I was an elephant; a great big elephant. 
There wasn't anything I couldn't do 
Till they caught me and they brought me to the zoo. 
And then I was an alligator. Crocodile? No... alligator
With a great big mouth. 
And 4 very tiny little legs.... 
{pretending your fingers are alligator legs you make this sound "dododododo"} 
.... that were no good for dancing. 
And then I was a dancing bear - I was doing my dancing where the bears dance. 
But I was sneezing "achoo!" 
..... Cuz I was a dancing polar bear. 
..... and it was freezing "brrrrrr"
And then I was a tall giraffe. I looked so ridiculous I wanted to laugh, 
but giraffes can't talk, so how can they laugh. Whoever saw a giraffe laugh?! 
And then I, woke up! 
and I was not a tiger or an elephant. 
I was not an alligator... Crocodile? no.... alligator! 
I was not a dancing bear or a tall giraffe, 
I was only ME! and... that's the way I'll be, oh, that's the way I'll be, 
I enjoy being an oyster -- raaaawk

It was sung to me when I was little and now I get to enjoy seeing the looks on my kid's faces when I sing it to them. I do my best to be just as animated as my Mom was when she sang it to us... working my way from a soft, small voice, to a sudden loud voice, adding so much drama to the song, it keeps Rachel on the edge of her bed. I wonder if they'll sing it to their kids someday. 
Funny how we pass these little things on. 

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Brooke said...

That's cute :). We have a night night song we sing to the kids that I thought Doug started when Sutton was a baby. We sing it to all the kids. Then, we had his cousin and their little ones at our house overnight and I heard them singing the song, too. I said, hey, we sing that same song! Turns out it started with their grandma to her boys and on. Pretty neat how these things carry on.

Charlotte said...

I have never heard that one! I love carrying on traditions like that.... one I have is a song my mom would sing to me to get me up in the morning. Sad to say that when I sing it, I cringe. You know me and mornings. :-)

Stef said...

That's so funny, Brooke! I love how you had no idea it had been passed down... I'm telling you, it would be funny to figure out how much of what we do and say is something that's been passed down generation upon generation.

Charlotte - I'm the same way!! My Mom always said "rise and SHINE!" when she'd come to wake us up and to this day, I cannot utter those words out of my mouth. I totally cringe inside, even though for me, its a good memory :) I remember the second she'd leave our room (after saying that) I'd go back to sleep, only to get out of bed as soon as I heard her hair dryer shut off :)
This song always cracks me up because its totally ridiculous and really makes no sense... but the kids loves it.

Truthful Mommy said...

Adorable! I am your first follower on twitter!Hope that you can return the favor and follow my blog.I am trying to reach 1000 followers by my birthday 9/25. Happy Mothering!

Stef said...

hey there! that's a pretty cool goal. I'm not sure I even have "followers" set up on my blog :)
I went ahead and checked your blog out - your girls ARE adorable! My goodness... cute pictures.
And, I followed you to help you achieve your goal :)


Stef said...

I went and added the "followers" button and turns out, I already had 19! Who knew! :)

Snooley said...

Hey - cute pics and song... but... hmm... stef audio/video please :)


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