Kara {23 months}

We're at the final 30 day stretch until her 2nd birthday and this Mommy is NOT ready. I can't believe 2 years old is approaching this fast and my baby is quickly turning into such a big girl! 
Kara's biggest changes have been her speech. She suddenly talks really well and its mostly understandable by all. 
She's been doing great in Sunday School, with 2 weeks of not crying AT ALL when we drop her off!! She was very hesitant to let me go, but held her tears back and gave me a wave, letting me know she was going to brave it out. When I went to pick her up, she didn't cry, like she typically does - she ran to give me a hug - her teachers told me she was happy the whole time and even did the hand motions on her favorite songs. I knew when she was ready, it would all go smoothly. 
She's turning into a sleeping champ; rarely ever waking up at night anymore. 
Her eating habits have much improved since Nana's visit in July. Lets just say Kara was using eating time as a time to control and manipulate Daddy and Mommy - Nana quickly showed us that being consistent with our rules of sitting at the table to eat and finishing the food at meal time = one happy girl :) 

Otherwise, she's a ball of energy, 100% adorable and has our hearts wrapped around her finger. 

our girl, at 23 months! 

Hey Kara! Where's your nose? 

Where's your head? 

where's your ear? 

where's your tummy? 

where's your toes? 
{and a nice add for Sun Chips!}

where's your fingers? 

where's your tongue? 

where's your eye? 

the end :) 

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Emily said...

I love the series of pictures!!! The scrapbooker in me is drooling.

Gina said...

I can't believe she's almost 2!

Jessica said...

Think she's ready for school too. ;)

What a sweet sweet girl, Stef!! You have three entirely different kids but they are all so sweet & have huge hearts!! What a great Mama they have to help train them up in the way they should go!

Happy almost birfday, Miss Kara!!

Jane said...

OOOHHH! I miss my Kara Mia!!
I wish I could jump right into the pictures and give her lots of Nana kisses :)
Since I've been home I think what I have missed the most is seeing their sweet faces in the morning saying "morning Nana, I love you!"

Sunny said...

She's such a beautiful little girl! It's emotional when your kiddo turns 2. Who am I kidding... every birthday is emotional for mama! :)

PS. My word verification is "sting." So true!

wedogmomma said...

That went WAY too quick!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Little one!!

Stef said...

Thanks Nikki! Her actual 2nd birthday is next month... but she'll appreciate the early wishes :)

Stef said...

Thanks Nikki! Her actual 2nd birthday is next month... but she'll appreciate the early wishes :)


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