Kara has been teething the past 2 weeks. She's welcoming her 2 year molars and I think its been the hardest on her than all 3 kids. Her gums have been super red and swollen, often times becoming really white due to being so swollen. She's not been sleeping well at night and also has the typical runny nose that inevitably turned into an actual cold because of it all :( 
Which reminds me, I need to buy one of those Amber necklaces for her to wear; hope that helps at least a bit. 

In any case, about a year ago I discovered these wipes and I kept wondering how they worked. Because of the price I never did buy any... but felt tempted many times. 
About a month ago I noticed our 2nd hand store carries them and they're $1.00 cheaper! So the total cost is $2.99 instead of $3.99 - that said, I'm kicking myself now because had I known how well they worked, I would've spent even $5.00 on the package!! These things are fabulous! Within 8 hours of wiping Kara's nose with them, her runny nose was no longer runny, she was able to breathe through it and there's not yucky, chapped red mark on her poor little face. Rachel began showing signs of this cold about 3 days ago, so as her nose got stuffy, I started wiping it with these wipes and I think between that and vitamins, we've kept her cold away! 

So this is my plug for Boogie Wipes. We're fans. 

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Krista said...

Nice! Thanks for the tip, and just in time too- seems like we are coming down with something around here. I hope you guys all get better quickly!

Shane Eckert said...


Gina said...

I've never glanced twice at these on the shelf--maybe b/c of the name. I didn't realize they were "medicated" to help the yucks go away. Now I'll have to give them that second look. :-)

Stef said...

oh, come on Shane! This coming from the guy who writes about his kids yacking, on Facebook??? :)


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