the kids would like to tell you....

... what they're thankful for! 
Last week we focused on being thankful during our prayer time and so one day I took the opportunity to ask each of the kids what they're most thankful for. I told them to tell me 10 things they're thankful for and I wrote them out exactly how they said them. I think I might do this once a month, because it was good for them to think about. 

1.) I'm thankful for God, because He loves me. 
2.) I'm thankful for my legos. They're so fun to play with. And my cars. I'd be bored if I couldn't build things. 
3.) Well, I love you, Mommy. I'm thankful for you and Daddy, Rachel and Kara. 
4.) I'm thankful to have sisters. I even like playing dollhouse with them sometimes. I'm thankful they let me pretend I'm the Dad. 
5.) I'm thankful we can go to church and Worship God. I love singing in church and I'm thankful when I see the Dads and Moms worshipping. 
6.) I'm thankful for Washington. I'm glad we live here. I'm also thankful for Oregon, because its beautiful to drive through. 
7.) I'm thankful for my clothes. I'm glad I have all kinds of clothes to wear; in cold or hot weather. 
8.) I'm thankful for blankets. Otherwise we'd never be warmed. 
9.) I'm thankful for my brain because learning & remembering is fun. 
10.) Did I say I'm thankful for toys and stuff? because I am. 

1.) I'm thankful for Jesus. Because He loves ME. He thinks about ME, not just a whole bunch of people {I'm not sure I got this concept until right around the time God saved me!} 
2.) I'm thankful for most all my things. I'm thankful to be able to give some of my toys away when I don't need them anymore.
3.) I'm thankful for bath time. I wouldn't want to always be dirty. I love the bubbles and toys. 
4.) I'm thankful for skittles. Its my favorite, most colorful candy. 
5.) I'm thankful to see the Space Needle from our windows, because I know that's where Daddy works when I look at it during the days {Jason works down the street from the Space Needle, but I think Rachel thinks he works at the Needle} 
6.) I'm thankful for parks and beaches. They're my favorite places to go. 
7.) I'm thankful for my bed. I wouldn't want to be on the floor at night. 
8.) I'm thankful to Skype with Nana and Papa and Grandpa and Grandma and our friends in California. 
9.) I'm thankful for the alphabet; putting letters together and making sounds and words. 
10.) I'm thankful for people who love me. I'm sad some kids don't have people who love them. 

for Hello Kitty. 
my paci.
um, Daddy! 
Hello Kitty
Nana AND Hello Kitty
Cuwious George
Hello Kitty. 

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Nick and Ally MacEwen said...

love this! i love your kids! they sure have awesome parents to teach them to be thankful for all those wonderful things! the LORD has blessed your family and i love to see the fruit of that in you and jason and then in your kids! its so encouraging!

love you guys!

Krista said...

So sweet and funny! Sounds like Kara really likes Hello Kitty. :)

Gina said...

Love this! So sweet to keep these sentiments. :-)

Stef said...

Ally, we love you guys too and praise God for bringing us here to meet you!! Looking forward to many years of sweet friendship.

Krista, she adores Hello Kitty. Clapping, gasping, squealing, jumping, holding her breath... those are all things she'll do when she passes by something HK in the stores. However, the day I took these notes down, she discovered Curious George and I think he might be stealing her affections :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That is too cute for words. Isn't it wonderful to know you are raising children that love Jesus. What a blessing. Hello Kitty : ) Love it!

Carrie said...

My personal favorite has to be, the thank to Oregon for being beautiful to drive through!

Erin said...

So sweet!!!
Tell Rachel that Moira is eating Skittles right now!

jillyco said...

Aw, this is so cute. This is a great idea!


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